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Tom Cruise’s insane stunt for ‘American Made’

The American Made trailer is still sort of fresh after being dropped two weeks agobut we’re already talking about Crazy Cruise stunts. 

According to the director Doug Liman, 

“I’m flying alongside him in a helicopter filming, and that made a big impression on me — there’s nobody in the cockpit of the plane! Tom has gone to the back of the aircraft, and he’s alone in that airplane. It’s one thing to have Tom Cruise alone in the airplane flying it — that’s already outrageous — now he’s alone and he’s not even in the cockpit so he’s gone beyond. It was already a stunt before he left the cockpit, it was already a serious stunt.”

Well, doesn’t that sound fun!

I love and admire Cruise’s dedication to his craft, but someone needs to tell him that he isn’t immortal and there’s no need for him to overdo the heroics. We don’t mind a little CGI now and then.

Here’s a new still from the film courtesy Empire:



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