Bible Activity/Discussion

Bible Trivia!


Two lawyers mentioned in the Bible: Gamaliel and Zenas

How much did a man’s hair weigh when cut?: 6 1/4 lbs. 2 Samuel 14:26

Most used word: The

The longest sentence in the Bible: the genealogy of Jesus Luke 3:23-38 @ 467 words.

Besides Methuselah, six other people lived to be over 900 years old. Who are they?: Adam, 930 yrs (Gen 5:5); Seth, 912 yrs (Gen 5:8); Enos 905 yrs (Gen 5:11); Cainan, 910 yrs (Gen 5:14); Jared, 962 yrs (Gen 5:20); Noah 950 yrs (Gen 9:29)

7 people who committed suicide: (Zimri: 1 Kin 16:18) (Judas: Mt 27:3-5)
(Abimelech: Judg 9:53-54)(Ahithophel: 2 Sam 17:23) (Samson: Judg 16:25-30)
(Saul: 1 Sam 31:4-51 Chr 10:4-5) (Saul’s armorbearer: 1 Sam 31:51 Chr 10:5).

Who invented the harp and flute? Jubal (Gen 4:21)



4 thoughts on “Bible Trivia!”

  1. That’s cool that the inventor of the harp and flute is mentioned in Genesis! I’ll have to look up that verse. 🙂 A while back, I looked through the genealogy in Genesis to see who had lived the longest haha, and I was almost disappointed to find that none of them surpassed 1000 years! I can’t even imagine being around for 900 years…

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    1. Yes, very cool, isn’t it? 🙂 Haha! Yeah, no one surpassed 1000 years. Hmm… yeah, me neither. 900 years is *whistles* such a long time to be alive.

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