365 Days of Writing

June 14th: In good faith


Describe a memory or encounter in which you consideredย your faith, religion, spirituality โ€” or lack of โ€” for the firstย time.

I can’t recall any at the moment, but I don’t waver my faith. And I must confess that I have such a bad memory! I tend to remember things later on like when I’m having dinner, or going to bed.ย 

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#WritersLifeIGJune Day 14: Favorite Font

When I first started to write, I was told that there was no better font than the Times New Roman. That may ring true, but when I am plotting and drafting, my go-to fonts are:

Image result for palatino linotype

Image result for garamond

Image result for century schoolbook font

For fancy headings, I use this elegant font:

Image result for edwardian script itc

I tend to make notes in this font:

Image result for papyrus font

And if I am writing in text form, I use this one:

Image result for consolas font

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