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#WritersLifeIGJune Day 11: Writing Notebooks


I love notebooks although I don’t always fill them up. This one is my favorite to write in at the moment. I apologize for the picture quality, but my phone is not working well.Β 



2 thoughts on “#WritersLifeIGJune Day 11: Writing Notebooks”

  1. I have a ridiculous number of notebooks, and I write in all of them. Usually just snippets. I once had a plan to have a theme to each notebook. Like story ideas in one, short writings in another, words I love in another, notes from speakers on writing in another, etc. Never worked though. Everything ends up in the closest notebook I have, and there is always one nearby.

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    1. And they come in all sorts of sizes too! Sadly, the things I had planned to write in my notebooks never worked out either. 😦

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