Tell me a random fact about yourself

Okay, I’ll go first: I’m awkward when it comes to accepting compliments. 

Just recently, a woman gave me my ‘Tom Cruise moment’ (that’s what my colleague and I called it). Without going into so many details, the woman said that she had always wanted to meet me (my colleague thought she was stalkerish? LoL!) to tell me the good things that she said, and I stood there like a stunned dummy before finally mustering up the courage to thank her. 

I turn it over to you. Tell me a random fact about yourself. 

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19 thoughts on “Tell me a random fact about yourself

      1. Eccentric Muse

        I’m glad that you have it under control now. I can relate to the best sleep ever after the crashing because that used to be me a few years ago. Nothing like that sleep. ^^

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  1. I really enjoy sitting on top of the house roof, at my parents. One of the main reasons I jump at the chance to clean the gutters. I enjoy sitting near one particular side, where a big tree is, watch cars drive by, and just enjoy the serenity.

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