Hahaha! Tom Cruise must be laughing at the critics all the way to the bank.

TC and Boutella. The Mummy. New York premiere:

In America, it’s cool to hate Tom Cruise. It’s even cool to admit that you’ve hated Tom Cruise before he was getting all the current hate. I kid you not. I have no idea why people think its cool to just hate on someone. There are many actors that I don’t like because they don’t do anything for me, but I don’t hate them.

But there is no one like Tom Cruise and they know it.

Cruise is a bankable star and his ability to carry and sell a movie remains to be seen. Sure, he might have had some lows on the way. Name one actor who doesn’t? Let’s take his latest film in point, The Mummy.

TC. The Mummy still:

Now, I am yet to see this film, but I’ve read some early reviews and most of them were bad. There were a few who tweeted and said that they hated TC, but after seeing him in this film, it made them appreciate him. I guess they like the fact that Nick Morton is a slimeball. *shrugging* Just saying. Some diehard TC fans said that the film was ‘meh’ because they’re not accustomed to seeing him in these roles. *Eye roll* Then they might need to see The Color of Money and Interview with the Vampire.

As I said in an earlier post, I don’t see this movie being the talk of the summer, but I did say that it was going to be huge overseas. The movie might have tanked in the US Box Office (this was expected) with $32 million, but it gave Tom Cruise his largest opening ever globally at $174 million. And with the film opening in places like Trinidad, France and French-Switzerland this week, it stands to take in a total of $435 million worldwide, making this TC’s 3rd biggest non-Mission: Impossible hit.

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The man can’t be worried about this figure because the critics must be weeping at the global figure sales. They thought that they did just about enough knocking to keep everyone from seeing the movie this weekend. They forgot that Cruise is still a mega movie star aboard.

With all the negative reviews, I just had to wonder what were they expecting? A masterpiece? Haha! With Alex Kurtzman as the director? Yeah, right! From the beginning, I thought it looked like it was going to be a great sense of adventure and that is what I’ll be paying for. 

It is the critics’ job to review movies and give honest feedback, but I can’t trust them especially Rotten Tomatoes. I don’t know why people take them so seriously. Movie scores are flawed and we should run, run, run away from them! 

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I’ve maintained that TC is the only actor yet to let me down where it concerns his acting chops, but don’t worry, I am not biased and if I don’t like The Mummy when I finally get to see it this week, I’ll say so. Also, please note that a big opening does not mean that the movie isn’t bad, but I tend not to believe critics until I’ve seen the movie myself. I mean, it was America v The Rest Of The World and America lost.

Bet the flogging critics didn’t see that coming!

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Carry on. As you were.


#WritersLifeIGJune Day 10: Character Profiles


This is a mood board for one of my main characters in the current story that I am writing: Marcus Mapother. He’s 25 and his father wants him to take over Mapother Industries, but he has other plans. He is also nicknamed the Bad Boy of San Francisco by the gossip blogging sites because of his wild antics.

Trust me, you’ll be rooting for this character by the end of the story and not because of his obvious good looks! 😛


Book #23: Love Script

Author: Tiffany Ashley
Publisher: Circle 1 Publishing, LLC (2011)
Pages: 270


Determined to land a huge advertising account for his company, Nick gets a LITTLE carried away and tells the potential client he’s married, then he has a serious problem—he can’t join the client on the ship unless he shows up with the wife he’s supposed to be taking on an anniversary cruise.

Laney Parks is either in the wrong place at the wrong time, or the right place at the right time-She isn’t sure which. She isn’t even entirely certain of how she got roped into posing as her hunky boss’s wife. She finds it SERIOUSLY unnerving, though, to ‘stick to the script’ when that includes cuddling up and kissing in public, and even more unnerving to share the close confines of the cabin – and its single bed – with him.



Actually, I want to talk about the contents of this book.

So, you may notice that I didn’t include a photo of the cover. That’s because I didn’t like it. I am game to read any material (even if it’s just once), but I don’t know what to make of this book. I admire interracial love stories, but there are not many good ones out there. Or maybe I am looking in all the wrong places? 

I first read this book in 2012 from a friend of mine, but I was swamped with work, studies and other reading material at the time that I read it half way. Recently, I was on the hunt for Interracial Romance novels and I remembered this one my friend loan to me, so I’ve decided to ask her to borrow it once again.

I wish I hadn’t bothered.

From the cover, I knew it was going to be a steamy book and although somewhere along the line I was irritated at Nick, the story line, the plot, the characters, the scenery, everything was well written and the only typo I found was on page 146 (‘she’ instead of ‘the’). Yes, well written, but it isn’t going to stop me from asking about the runaway plot which actually made me want to read the book in the first place.

Legend has it that I am still looking for it.

Nick treated Laney like a sex object (“Laney, give me what I want freely, or else I’ll be forced to take from you.”). What? He treated her like nothing, yet, Laney couldn’t wait to jump into his arms because of some sort of attraction in the air? The dude might be a hot number, but he’s rapey!

The body might be saying okay, but if the mind is not on par with the body, then it is not okay to be taking advantage of someone. Seriously, it is one thing to have a sexy alpha male, and another to have a dominating forceful rapey male who was either threatening to rape or was helping himself (Somehow, he would have to convince Laney she wanted it just as badly as he did). I don’t care if this is the author’s fantasy, it was not romantic. 

At the climax of the story, I didn’t like when he kicked down Laney’s door and stormed in on Danny when he was trying to comfort Laney, and that’s when Nick decided that his new job was a police officer and proceeded to interrogate both Laney and Danny, asking them if they were sleeping together blah blah blah. Just when I thought Nick couldn’t get any lower, he went and did it:

“I’m a selfish bastard, Laney. I don’t share my toy.” 


“I love you, Nick.”

“Thank God. I was prepared to pay you to marry me.”

Erm, excuse me? Didn’t you hear the man refer to you as a toy?

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Those jokes were not funny and it just implied what Nick would ALWAYS see Laney as in their “relationship”: an attractive arm piece.

The point is, Nick said/did incredibly hurtful things to Laney, and she stupidly kept coming back and like Olivier Twist begging, “Please, sir, I want some more.” He treated Laney like a discarded toy throughout the story and she let him. Aren’t strong heroines out there anymore? You know, the ones who won’t let men treat them like dirt and who would mean it when they firmly say no? I am not buying the ending of the story either. There was an attraction on their part, but not love. Nick was probably the most annoying and arrogant male protagonist I’ve come across. He was constantly horny, intimidating and I stress, RAPEY!

Another thing I dislike was the repetition about Danny’s sexuality. We got it from the moment it was established that Danny was gay. There was no need to be rude throughout the book in repeating his sexual orientation. The unnecessary rambling of the author sometimes drove me up a wall.

Good plot but the author missed it.

The ending implied that there could/might be a follow-up. I won’t be reading it. Had this book been mine, I know exactly what I would have done with it after reading:

fire animated GIF


canstock18820718…had the so-call alpha male not come across like a creepy rapey jerk! Sexual assault is not sexy. This author can write, but I doubt I might be reading anything from her again.


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I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

June 10th: Ripped into the headline


Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.

Mercy in You!

Pastor Phillip was on fire during the weekend Sabbath service! The Holy Ghost moved him to preach about obedience and surrendering our ALL to the One and Only. He referenced Zechariah 1:1-6 and Isaiah 1:19 as our scripture reading of the day.

We’re living in the ending of days and Jesus Christ is the only Person we can find mercy in. Pastor stressed on being obedient because it is key to our relationship with God.

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