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Upcoming stuff!


Hello, dolls and gentlemen! I’ve always wanted to say that. πŸ™‚

I have so many ideas that I’ll like to share with you that I don’t know where to begin. I am currentlyΒ putting plans in order toΒ fly, but I have some free time on my hands and I’ll like to see how best I can keep up with the blog as I prepare to begin a new chapter in my life.Β 

Sometimes when I’m working on a post, an idea may spring forth, and I leave the post that I’m working on to work on the new one hence the reason why so many posts end up in my drafts. Then I feel bad about wanting to post them all and wait for the perfect timing because I can end up posting 6-8 posts (give or take) a day. However, those days are over. I’ve decided to just post. I apologize in advance for flooding your reader.

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I’ve been looking around the blog and I think it can do with a ‘blog lift’, but for now, I like what I’m seeing. A few upcoming stuff:

^ I’ve been looking at some of the categories and I think they need a boost, so I’ll see how best I can fulfill this on a weekly basis.

^Β La Petit Muse is about to become a learning zone. I’ll still have the normal everyday topics, but I want to talk more about writing (as a writer), go back to basic English and maybe introduce French as I continue to fall more in love with this beautiful language. This would take some time, though.Β 

^ Notes. Yes, my notes. I come across two little pocket notebooks filled with notes that I’ve scribbled in my haste for a later story or character trait and never came back to them. But, there’s still life in them yet and I’ve decided to share them here and on Instagram.

^ Fun stuff! I am looking at ways to communicate more with my readers (forgive me, I just dislike saying, followers) and I hope to accomplish this with a series-like content that has been sitting in drafts and gathering dust for the longest while.

That’s basically it for now. Happy Friday, everyone! πŸ™‚



Today is June 09th…

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… and these things are happening:

^ It’s my girl’s birthday! Happy birthday Des and may you live to see MUCH more. May God bless and keep you. ❀

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^ France is playing a World Cup qualifier against Sweden. ALLEZ LES BLEUS!

Allez Allez Allez


^ And Tom Cruise’s The Mummy drops today. Technically, I have to wait until it drops here next week to watch it, but go get ’em Daddy! Erm, I mean, Mummy! I don’t think he’ll rule the box office with this one, but he’ll be doing it overseas!


Happy 9th June!

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