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#WritersLifeIGJune Day 8: WIP Synopsis

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Photo credit: Percival Constantine

Soooo… I have a story to tell… 

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Don’t worry, it’s a short one.

If you’ve read my first Teaser Tuesday post where I talked about my lack of inspiration at the time that led me to try to be “creative” with magazine covers, then you’d remember the TIME cover that I did of Tom Cruise. *sighs* Yes, I know, you must be tired of me mentioning him. Even I am tired of mentioning him, but this is vital. I promise. 🙂

The cover came with a challenge: to include my favorite celebrity in a story. So it’s sort of like a TC fan fiction, but better. Below is the summary so far. It is subject to change when I complete the story. 


I dislike writing these things.


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