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A Street Cat Named Bob

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This cat changed this man’s life for the better.Β 

Although the images below tell and show a wonderful story between manΒ and cat, it doesn’t tell you that James Bowen was on drugs. When Bob came into his life, it was no fluke or accident or by sheer luck. This cat helped him take responsibility for his life because the darn cat refused to leave his side. ❀

When Bowen would play his guitar for pennies, Bob would sit on his shoulder, unfazed by the crowds. Soon, Bowen and Bob were internet stars and the musician made a vow to “start taking responsibility for this little creature if he’s going to be following me around’.” In order for him to take care of Bob, he went through withdrawal from methadone to become drug-free. Later, he’ll say that,Β 

“Using drugs is a selfish thing; Bob gave me something else to focus on.”

Today, Bowen is an author and Bob has been the focus of a series of best-selling books. A film adaptation of the best-seller, A Street Cat Named Bob has been made in 2016 and Bob the cat starred as himself. I hope that Bowen continues to focus on his life and I hope he never return to that dark period of his life.

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