365 Days of Writing

June 04th: Red pill, blue pill


If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill β€” no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation β€” would you do it?

A few years ago, this question was posed to me and my answer is going to be the same: No! I want to prepare my food and eat it too.

6 thoughts on “June 04th: Red pill, blue pill”

      1. I don’t cook much when hubby isn’t here. There’s no point when it’s just me. I mean I’ll do like I did yesterday and make a big batch of pasta that I can eat on for a few days. When hubby is here, that’s a different story lol. It’s food all around.


  1. This is a good question, and my own answer surprises me. First, I love food. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so crazy busy lately, but I could see taking a pill to get all the nutrition I needed. I’d probably want to switch back when things were calmer and I had more time though. I think that’d be breaking the rules or spirit of the question, but I’m all about going my own way.


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