The Gal Gadot-Tom Cruise connection

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Graham Norton is going to have Gal Gadot, Zac Efron and his favorite, Tom Cruise on the couch on June 02nd. But do you know that Gadot and Cruise has appeared on film together? 

Gadot made a cameo appearance in Knight & Day. She played Naomi, Quintana’s henchwoman and she appeared for a brief moment to make a deal with Cruise’s character, Roy Miller. No, I did not ship them. 🙂

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Gadot would be on the couch to promote Wonder Woman which comes out a week before The Mummy and Zac, well, he’s going to talk up Baywatch, a movie that I am skipping altogether. I wonder if Gadot and Cruise remember their on-screen encounter? 😛 As for TC and Zac, well, Zac said that Tom taught him how to ride a motorcycle. I know he’ll be delighted to be on the couch with Cruise.

I like Graham and I’ll be looking forward to this segment.


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