365 Days of Writing

May 21st: Goals


When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

Another déjà vu question. *sighs* I’ve answered this question sometime… Anyway, when I first started La Petit Muse I did not really set any goals to be met as I just wanted to help upcoming writers, but somewhere along the line, that got lost, so I am just having fun with the blog now.

12 thoughts on “May 21st: Goals”

  1. I’m glad that you’re having fun with your blog, EM. I think that’s important. Hopefully you won’t get that déjà vu feeling with the next prompt.
    It’s funny because I never wanted to be a blogger. In fact, it took my writing group two years to convince me to start a website. I even tried to avoid the blogging route, but discovered I could have a site that acted as an advertisement (almost like a billboard on the side of the road) where people could find a bit of information about it, but probably didn’t visit more than a couple of times, or a site where people returned regularly to find updated content. I decided I liked the idea of the second one better, which meant I had to start a blog.
    Then my plan was to post once a month, so it wouldn’t be too time consuming, but I’d still have an online presence. Before I even started, I realized that I really needed to commit to once a week. Which I’ve been able to stick too. In the process I decided my author platform would revolved around inspiring and helping other writers (similar to yours, which is probably why I like visiting your site). I figured if I could give other writers the tips and tricks I’ve learned and that have helped me over the years and help them achieve what I have, but faster than that would be a worthwhile endeavor for me.
    My overall goal has been to have my website act as the foundation to build my career as an author, so I’m always trying to mold it to where I want my journey with writing to go.
    For as much as I dreaded it, it turns out it’s quite fun, and I love all the connections with other people I’ve made. I am pulled toward blogging more than once a week, and maybe at some point I will, but I try to remind myself that it’s there to support my writing, it’s not the main project.

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    1. Thank you for sharing, Mandie. I am pleased that you’ve started your blog and that you’re here otherwise how would I have known you? 🙂 And you’re doing pretty well with your blog! It’s one of my favorite blogs for I appreciate all the tips that you’ve been sharing. And thank you! I hope that the next prompt would definitely be a good one! Blessed evening to you!

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  2. When I started my blog, I never had a plan with it. I just write and write and post and post. But then as time goes by and I see new blogs that sets their goals, I told myself to make something like that too. It was fun going with the flow but now that I’m used to making goals, I can’t stop. Ahah. ❤

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    1. I knew it! 😛 You know, I was not thinking along those lines. Thanks for that thought, Margaret. I’ll keep that in mind next time something déjà vu comes up. Aww, thank you. Your blog also brings me joy and peace. ❤ ❤

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