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Riverdale season finale: “I love you, Betty Cooper.”

This episode is brought to you by Tom Cruise (you’ll see why).

The first season finale of Riverdale came to an end last night after 13 episodes and it left Bughead shippers in La La land. And during some of his best acting, Jughead gave some fans young Tom Cruise vibes. *shrugging* I mentioned this a while aback so it came as no surprise to me. Cole is more TC than Apa. 

Cole also gives me young Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio vibes.

Sit back, relax, grab your popcorn. We’re going to have a party. 

Yearbook notes (and reactions):

^ The Mayor wants FP Jones to name names in exchange for a lesser jail sentence. The Mayor thinks that the Serpents are involved in helping Cliff Blossom to traffic the drugs. Both the Mayor and Sheriff are looking to save face and oooh! Are they lovers? They have to be secret lovers! I am calling it from now.

“Why are people so afraid of the truth?” Betty Cooper

Girl, let me tell you why:

Image result for gif i want the truth you can't handle the truth

^ Veronica and Archie confesses to Jughead and Betty that they’re a couple. Hahaha! Ha! Good one. Archie looks like he regrets not kissing Betty at some point.

^ Josie is back. Meh! She’s one of my least favorite person on this show. My girl is Valerie so I was happy to see her last night.

^ KJ Apa’s character Archie is pretty bland and dull, but his best acting comes out when he’s defending/protecting his best friend, Jughead. I love him when he’s all fired up! They might be onto a Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid thing here with this. Look at Archie when Betty informs him that Jughead decides to go to South Side High! He couldn’t wait to go bring Juggie back!

Tom Cruising it!

Darn! Cliff Blossom really committed suicide! According to this episode.

^ I don’t give Kevin enough love because I am blinded by Jughead’s angst and wonderful sarcasm, but Kev is my little marshmallow. ❤ 

^ Polly didn’t kill herself. Dang it! She’s gone back to school.

^ Mrs. Blossom is a hard woman.

^ It’s family confession time!: Betty has an older brother. I bet she’s going to look for him so this character should show up in season 2.

^ Cheryl goes to take her life down by the river where Jason’s body was discovered. The Scooby Doo gang goes to save her. I mean, come on! Can’t a girl commit suicide in peace? KJ Apa broke his hand (for reals reals) during this intense scene:

Next time, let the poor girl die in peace instead of saving her, please. Some serious The Mummy vibes was going on when Cheryl was under water and her zombie-like brother was reaching out to her.

^ My ears bleed EVERY SINGLE TIME Archie tries to sing! EVERY TIME!

^ YASSS BETTY! Preach! Great speech, girl!

^ Did crazy Cheryl just burned the house down?

^ Jughead confesses that “I love you, Betty Cooper.” She returns the sentiment and whoa! Hold up! Kids, you’re too young to be making out. Juggie, you’re 15! The Serpents ruins the couple’s make–out session. I do not believe in magic, but I swear, when Jughead pulls on that Serpent jacket, something magical happened. The smirk when he was pulling the jacket on, the hair blowing in his face, to the remorseful look he gives his girlfriend after confessing his love for her was painfully beautiful. Like he was waiting all his lonesome life to be noticed and its finally happening. He went from ‘meh’ to ‘Cry-Baby’ (Johnny Depp).

Plus, he was not wearing his trademark hat during this transformation (a sign of things to come?). This is not looking well for season 2 if he goes the bad boy route. Juggie pulling on that jacket is my favorite scene of this episode; perhaps the entire season. Cole Sprouse SLAYED!

The look!

^ Archie’s happiness is short-lived. Someone with a mask shoots his father and cue black screen. Fred was the only decent parent on this show. R.I.P.?

^ Betty, take a bow! You win this episode.


I started watching Riverdale for Cole Sprouse as the iconic Jughead. Plus, Jughead was my favorite Archie Comics character growing up. Cole was wonderful as Jughead throughout the season and I enjoyed watching this character grow every episode. His bromance with the school jock is a plus.

Season one was good, but there are more questions than answers: who hired the hit on Fred? (Hiram Lodge?) Did Papa Blossom really commit suicide? Is Mama Blossom hiding more secrets? What/Whom is the Sheriff protecting?

Also, I think Archie is not fully into Veronica. He is obviously jealous of his best friend’s relationship with Betty and he has a torch for Cheryl. Never trust a man who gets over his so-call love of his love rather quickly, even if it was his teacher. However, since Archie is the hero of Riverdale, I can imagine him going the Bruce Wayne or Peter Parker route in search of justice for his father. Archie is finally going to do some growing up.

Overall, Jughead won the first season.

And please, fans and Riverdale actors alike, stop it with the ‘daddy’ business. The term has been invented loooong before this show and TC is the real ‘daddy’. The daddy of all daddies. Whatever that is.

Image result for gif tom cruise daddy

Image result for gif tom cruise daddy

Until next season!

The way he looks at her! Kudos on getting ‘the look’ down pat, Cole!

*** GIFs and photos via Google Search and Twitter. 



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13 thoughts on “Riverdale season finale: “I love you, Betty Cooper.”

      1. Ah, the ‘magical moment’! I’m not too excited for a second season, but I’ll watch for Jughead. It’s not a show that I would highly rate, either.

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      2. So I was right to complain week after week? 😛 I agree, though. It’s like the writers jump into this one without proper structure of the characters.

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      3. I still dislike Archie. I only like him when he’s fired up. I also think that dark Betty was unnecessary, but that’s lazy plot twist writing for ya! Although I’ve said the first season was good (Jughead was their saving grace) I gave it a 2/5 overall.

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