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The Mummy sneak peek: a BTS look at Tom Cruise’s insane stunts!

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“He fills you up with childhood enthusiasm where you’re like
‘I want to make the movie that Tom sees.'” Jake Johnson

There is no other actor like Tom Cruise and the day he hangs up his harness, I’ll be kissing movies goodbye. The man is committed to his craft and his energy is infectious. I might have grown weary over the years hearing his co-stars, directors and the crew alike praise Cruise for his relentless energy and commitment to the craft because I know what they’re going to say, but it’s an experience of a lifetime for many of these actors and he inspires them.


As the release date for the anticipated The Mummy grows nearer, Syfy Wire hosts #MummyMondays until June 05th. In the latest offering, we’re taken behind the scenes with Cruise as he performs stunts.

“I’ve never seen somebody that committed in my life… genuinely.”
Sofia Boutella

The real treat is at the very end of the clip. There is a sequence of him rolling down the hill and the camera gets a shot of his face three separate times! His acute awareness of where the camera was at all times prompted the director Alex to remark, “You’re the only actor in the world who can find their frame in mid-air, three times.”


The cast and crew comments on Cruise’s ability as a stuntman in this new featurette as he highlights some of the film’s stunts.



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