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The Mummy sneak peek: a BTS look at Tom Cruise’s insane stunts!

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“He fills you up with childhood enthusiasm where you’re like
‘I want to make the movie that Tom sees.'” Jake Johnson

There is no other actor like Tom Cruise and the day he hangs up his harness, I’ll be kissing movies goodbye. The man is committed to his craft and his energy is infectious. I might have grown weary over the years hearing his co-stars, directors and the crew alike praise Cruise for his relentless energy and commitment to the craft because I know what they’re going to say, but it’s an experience of a lifetime for many of these actors and he inspires them.


As the release date for the anticipated The Mummy grows nearer, Syfy Wire hosts #MummyMondays until June 05th. In the latest offering, we’re taken behind the scenes with Cruise as he performs stunts.

“I’ve never seen somebody that committed in my life… genuinely.”
Sofia Boutella

The real treat is at the very end of the clip. There is a sequence of him rolling down the hill and the camera gets a shot of his face three separate times! His acute awareness of where the camera was at all times prompted the director Alex to remark, “You’re the only actor in the world who can find their frame in mid-air, three times.”


The cast and crew comments on Cruise’s ability as a stuntman in this new featurette as he highlights some of the film’s stunts.

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May 08th: Success


Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did.

I cannot recall anything recent right now. At the moment, things are at a great pace that it wears me out until I’m tired by the time evening rolls around.

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Liberté Égalité Fraternité: Notes about the new French President

Firstly, congratulations Monsieur Macron on winning the French elections!

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Yep, there goes another celebrity President! Throwing up the peace sign and everything.

The French election is always exciting! I don’t like politics, but I like minding the French’s business! 🙂 Going into the big day when the French would choose their new leader, social media was abuzz with fierce intensity. Marine Le Pen put up a good fight, but in the end, it was not to be. Macron was elected in hopes of restoring the country to its former glory. 

A lot of American celebrities were clearly delighted with the new President-elect:

You sure did, girl. You sure did. Wrote that wrong, that is.

I’ve tweeted some people’s thoughts from the Daily Mail about France’s new President and many of them were mixed. 

^ A lot of people didn’t vote Le Pen because there is too much racism involved in her party. You can ask Zidane (yes, that former footballer, now coach at Real Madrid) if you don’t believe it.

^ Whenever I hear the name Emmanuel Macron, I automatically think of macarons!

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^ Macron is 39 which means he has become France’s youngest ever President.

^ During the campaign, it was revealed that Macron, a former banker, had married his former Drama teacher, 64-year-old Brigitte Trogneux. Le scandale! He was 15 when he met the married mother of 3. She was 24 years his senior. He embarked on an affair with her when he turned 16? Or was it 17? Or maybe it was 18? Is there a biography of sorts on this man’s life? I want to read it.

Image result for emmanuel macron epouse

Image result for emmanuel macron epouse

^ First Lady at 64! Brigitte will work for free in her husband’s government to plan new education reforms. Yes, girl, serve! Once a teacher, always a teacher! Her main focus is concentrating on “work for autistic and disadvantaged kids, out of the political firing line.”

^ Mme Le Pen was gracious in defeat. She congratulated Macron and even danced the night away to ‘I Love Rock and Roll’ and ‘YMCA’. She got some sweet moves!

^ Macron is pro-EU. When he appeared in front of his supporters, the EU anthem was sounded, rather than “La Marseillaise”. Hmm, why am I getting Tony Blair vibes from Macron? I give him two months before people start turning on him for ruining France.

^ And let the male sexual objectification begin! No, seriously. Twitter exploded with a debate over who is the ‘sexiest G7 leader’: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau or newly elected French President, Monsieur Macron. As far as I am concerned, they’re both French, celebrities and good looking. Trudeau is often referred to as a Tom Cruise look-alike… when he smiles. Strange enough, the first time I saw Mr. Trudeau, I was like, ‘Oh, Tom Cruise has finally cloned himself!’ Then it wore off.

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Canadian PM and French Pres:


^ Macron has inherited a divided France. Let’s see how he plans to unite the country.

Vive la France! I hope that you’re pleased with your decision. 🙂

*** Images via Google Search and Twitter

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Positive Monday: A Gift from God


It’s Monday, yo! And what a lovely time to be alive so let’s give praise for this wonderful gift!

You know what else is also a gift?

Mornings are a gift from God. Some people are not lucky to live to see today, so why grumble and waste it when you can be thankful and make use of it.

Family is a gift from God. Despite what is going on, there is no excuse or reason to treat them unfairly. Remember, loved ones can be here today, gone tomorrow, so cherish them. And if they’re being stubborn? Pray for them.

You know what else is a gift from God? You, the person reading this. He has lovingly molded and created you in His image.

Blessed Monday to all of you and remember that you’re a gift so why not make someone’s day today, eh? 🙂