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Riverdale: Jason Blossom’s killer is finally revealed.

If you watch Riverdale and is yet to see last night’s episode, then I won’t spoil it for you. However, if you’re eager to find out who the killer is, visit my last post here: FP Jones is no killer.

They call KJ Apa the ‘Kiwi Tom Cruise’, but I get more Cruise vibes from Cole acting-wise. If Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey had an offspring it’d be Cole Sprouse. 

Image result for Cole Sprouse

Yearbook notes:

^ Jughead is Riverdale’s very own Dr. Spencer Reid. The poor kid can’t seem to catch a break! His father is framed for murder, his mother won’t let him move in with her and his sister and he is suspended from school.

^ Another brilliant delivery from FP Jones! Yet, while he was talking to the Sheriff, I wasn’t buying his story about killing Jason. I think the Sheriff is involved in framing FP.

^ The bromance game between Archie and Jughead is so strong and I

^ The family secret is out: The Coopers and the Blossoms are blood which means that Jason and Polly are related (3rd cousins) and their relationship was technically incestuous.

^ Jason’s murderer is found dead. Signs are pointing to suicide, but I think Cheryl, Mama Blossom or the Sheriff did it.

^ The only thing left for a shocking thrilling season finale cliffhanger? Have Polly commit suicide or die somehow. Only 1 more episode to go! Until next time!



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