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Reaction to Tom Cruise and Vanessa Kirby shoots love scene in Paris


“Take a number, baby.”

I’ve been watching some reaction videos over on YouTube and I’ve been wanting to do my reactions to one for the longest while… in writing form! Tom Cruise is currently filming MI6 in Paris and whenever I’m on Twitter, I get a video to watch his latest behind the scenes moments. Vanessa Kirby recently joined him to shoot an erm, romantic scene, and I’ve decided to react to this video. 

So, let’s do this!


This is the first time that I am actually going to write out my reactions to a video! I’m excited, but I’ll try to keep it short. 😛


Few opening seconds: Ah, the City of Romance! I can only wish to visit one day!

0:09 – Oh, there’s Tom! And Vanessa Kirby. They look so mismatched! Like a mismatched prom couple. No Prom King and Queen here!

0:26 – Vanny is just standing there and I am already bored of watching them. 

0:37 – The way this woman is just staring into TC’s face without any emotion. I am not feeling it. Come on girl, show some kind of passion!

0:44-0:50 – *chants* Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! KISS ALREADY!

0:54 – I take it back, don’t kiss, don’t kiss, don’t… she just goes for it! Vanny just throws her arms over TC’s neck like a glomping squid and kisses him like she hasn’t eaten for days. What? That’s not going to win you any points, girl. I show more passion than that while holding a can of tuna. I see a wooden actress and no chemistry there. Tom, you could’ve done better. Does she take your breath away, Tom? Huh? Does she?

1:15 – If the man is your significant other, girl, don’t stand so far from him. You stand close to him.

1:29 – Oh, hi Tom. Tom waves at his adoring fans. It’s much better than trying to have an actual conversation with Vanny.

1:39 – Giggling like a pair of loved up fools. I still don’t buy it. *rolls eyes*

1:47 – Look at the man when you’re talking to him!

2:26 – Tom is just standing there. He just has to stand there and look good, but she looks like she’s talking to an extremely good looking mannequin in an elegant suit.

2:54 – Feign kissing! Tom just tilts his head as she shadows his movement. This makes me wonder, how many times did they have to kiss to get it right? 

3:04 – “You’re nice and everything, but you’re no Tom Cruise. Boy, bye!”

3:07-3:18 – Tom looks like the groom who got left at the altar as he gazes after her. All in a kissing day’s work!


When it comes to kissing, it is vital to get it right. As a writer who employs kissing between characters when there’s chemistry, I cannot for the life of me see any between Kirby and Cruise. I know they were just running the kiss scene, but she looks so awkward and wooden standing right up in his face! Instant chemistry my foot!

If this is his real life woman as the nosy tabloids are saying, I am not buying it.


Where is the sizzling chemistry?
He has more chemistry with a motorbike than her. I mean…

Focused: The star took a moment to prepare for his stunt while resting on a BMW super bike



Cue awkward laughing.


Why are her eyes open? And although he looks good in blue,
I just realized how tight Ethan Hunt’s suit is. 

Getting cosy: The duo were leaning in close for a kiss and spent time lingering closely to one another

Get in there, girl. Go on!

Oh, maybe it was his nose that got in the way after all!

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Riverdale: Jason Blossom’s killer is finally revealed.

If you watch Riverdale and is yet to see last night’s episode, then I won’t spoil it for you. However, if you’re eager to find out who the killer is, visit my last post here: FP Jones is no killer.

They call KJ Apa the ‘Kiwi Tom Cruise’, but I get more Cruise vibes from Cole acting-wise. If Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey had an offspring it’d be Cole Sprouse. 

Image result for Cole Sprouse

Yearbook notes:

^ Jughead is Riverdale’s very own Dr. Spencer Reid. The poor kid can’t seem to catch a break! His father is framed for murder, his mother won’t let him move in with her and his sister and he is suspended from school.

^ Another brilliant delivery from FP Jones! Yet, while he was talking to the Sheriff, I wasn’t buying his story about killing Jason. I think the Sheriff is involved in framing FP.

^ The bromance game between Archie and Jughead is so strong and I

^ The family secret is out: The Coopers and the Blossoms are blood which means that Jason and Polly are related (3rd cousins) and their relationship was technically incestuous.

^ Jason’s murderer is found dead. Signs are pointing to suicide, but I think Cheryl, Mama Blossom or the Sheriff did it.

^ The only thing left for a shocking thrilling season finale cliffhanger? Have Polly commit suicide or die somehow. Only 1 more episode to go! Until next time!