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I hope that all is well and that you’re having a TERRIFIC day! Today, we’re going to talk about shipping. 

Someone once said that when readers/fans start shipping your characters, that’s when a writer know that he/she has touched the lives of their readers. As endearing as that might sound, I am still on the fence about this. However, my friends ship two of my characters’ relationship. They call it the greatest fictional relationship that they’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. If I wasn’t the writer, I probably would’ve shipped them too!

However, not everyone knows what shipping is and thus! This post was born.


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Shipping is derived from the word ‘relationship’. It involves imagining relationships between two (sometimes more) fictional characters from a book, TV show or movie. So, basically, shippers take two characters (sometimes more), put them in a relationship (even if they’re not in one), bequeath them a shipping name, squeal uncontrollably because they can’t control their emotions, and write fan fictions about them.

Sometimes, we unknowingly ship couples. For instance, you’re watching a TV show and you’re like ‘Aww, they’re so cute, I wish they were together.’ And just like that, shipping is born!

Fandoms ship ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and you don’t want to mess with some of these crazy fandoms.

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So the question is: Are you a shipper?


I ship things, but I am not that bad. If you want to find out who/what I ship, tune in next week for ‘I’m Going Down With This Ship’. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Shipping

  1. I’m definitely a shipper! But I don’t get all emotional and fangirl-y like a lot of girls my age; if I like two characters together, then I get excited when they end up together! It goes no further than that. lol

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    1. Same! I get excited when two of my favorite characters end up together and call it a day. I don’t get all the emotional vibes and fandoms.

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      1. Same here! By the way, did you see the comment I left on your “Bonjour” page a few days ago? No pressure if you have, I was just wanting to know if you’d seen it 🙂

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      2. I’ve just seen it a while ago. As I was still reading blogs and catching up on the comments and what not, I saw it late. Thank you, Maggie. 🙂

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  2. It depends on the characters. I agree with Maggie, it’s not the end of the world if the ship doesn’t’ happen. I did it the other day with the blog you did about the wedding. I was hoping he would say something but he held his peace. I will say stories where the love interest, can be together, over come life changing obstacles to be together but then in the end, they don’t. Thy give each other a kiss, longing look, maybe an ” I’ll always love you”, and then walk away. I do think that is unrealistic and ends up dropping my rating for that book. Why would you go through all that, conquer it and then go… eh bye? lol, am I shipping again? 😉

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    1. I absolutely agree with what you said at the end there. It is unrealistic and it irks me too. Haha! Maybe you are shipping, again! 🙂 Come to think of it, shipping is such a funny term! 😛

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      1. Haha! I can’t blame you because when I first came across the term I was left baffled… then I slowly embraced it. ^^

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