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Riverdale: Jughead and FP Jones steals this episode

*Groans* Why do I keep tuning into this torturous show every week? I blame Jughead. I only started watching this show for Cole Sprouse and every week, I literally tune in for him and no one else. It helps that I like writers and Jughead is a writer, but the show is not fully entertaining if you take away the mysteries behind the plot.

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Yearbook notes:

^ Molly Ringwald makes her appearance as Archie’s mom. I kept hoping that she’ll take his Ginger backside back to Chicago with her. Alas! It wasn’t to be and Archie lives another day.

^ Jughead goes home. His father, FP Jones cleaned up nicely (even got a shave) and even read Jug’s manuscript. You know, the one he’s been writing since the start of the show? About Jason Blossom’s death?

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^ Veronica is so over Archie after their, um, moment last week and the way she lays it on him: COLD! Archie, however, decides that he must have her and won’t give up. There is no chemistry between these two, and I am getting potential lesbian vibes from Veronica.

^ Betty sure loves her boyfriend! Veronica, Archie and Alice Cooper goes behind Betty’s (& Jughead’s) back to bring FP down. *shrugs* I could’ve told them that FP is not a killer. 

^ Cheryl is a sick duck who needs help. Her world revolves around her dead brother and the next best thing now that he’s dead? His pregnant fiancée. She just wants to attach herself to anything and anyone who reminds her of her twin.

^ Archie’s cover of ‘Kids in America’ hurt my ears. I want to strangle him.

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^ Jughead was a ball of emotion last night! Things were going well and then they arrested his father. He let it all out in his father’s trailer then ran off. Legend has it that he’s still running.

^ FP Jones is being framed. Oh, look, another mystery. Who’s behind this framing? I bet it’s Cheryl’s father or Joaquin. Where’s Jughead? Probably ran off to Narnia by now. Would Betty and Jughead stay together? Nah. Jug’s going to become a famous novelist and Betty’s probably going to end up with Veronica. What about Jason Blossom’s murderer? Ah, his dad did it cover something up. Only 2 more episodes to go!

Until next episode…

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