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Riverdale: FP Jones steals the night away from the Kiwi Tom Cruise

I had my fill of Riverdale this week and here are my thoughts in notetaking form:

^ Every week they say that Archie’s dad is the bomb. I don’t see it. I think FP Jones is the bomb. Even FP’s smile is a beautiful memorable thing.

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^ Jughead dislikes his birthday. Heck! If I were him, I’d dislike the day I was born on too.

^ When Riverdale was debuted, KJ Apa was called a ‘young Tom Cruise’. He’s not as charismatic or memorable as TC was at that age, but he is still young and has potential and I approve of this Kiwi Tom Cruise, but there is only one TC. Right now, Apa is known for his body and good looks than for his acting. 

Image result for tom cruise kj apa

Remember the name Kiwi Tom Cru… I mean KJ Apa.

^ Oh, right, Chuck is back. 

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^ Does EVERYBODY on this show have green eyes?

^ That dance-off between Cheryl and Veronica… were they trying out for amateur stripping hour? Or trying out to be rap video girls? Didn’t feel it. Neither one has mad dance skills. Some of the Vixens were uncomfortable during the dance-off and I don’t blame them. I expected money to start raining at one point.

^ Chuck and Cheryl deserves each other.

^ Jughead turns 16. 

“I’m not normal. I’m not wired to be normal.”

Yass Jughead, you preach! Being eccentric myself, I can identify with this statement. ❤

^ Cheryl and Chuck crashes Jughead’s inner-circle birthday party. Archie knows how his best friend feels about his birthday, yet, he DISRESPECTFULLY made the night all about him when he allowed Cheryl and her minions into his home.

^ It’s amazing how Cole Sprouse is literally older than his cast mates and manages to look younger than them with/out make-up. Yes, I went there.

Image result for cole sprouse jughead

^ Jughead was just SERVING lines last night:

“In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in
and I don’t want to fit in.”

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^ Jughead got mad at his girlfriend which resulted in their first fight.

^ The Kiwi Tom Cruise got high and boy was it embarrassing!

^ Veronica calling out Cheryl on her incestuous behavior. This was something I’ve speculated at the very beginning because I hate the way Cheryl glows whenever she talks about Jason. She doesn’t have that sibling glow and in flashbacks, she looks at him the way a lover do. Do not tell me it’s a twin thing. It’s not.

Image result for gif riverdale cheryl jason


And if you’re into symbolism, she literally (note to self: stop using this word) “married” Jason at his funeral. Okay, I was thinking of Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’.

Either way, there is symbolism.

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^ But listen, I have another theory: I know Cheryl’s mother is drawn to Archie because he reminds her of Jason, but what if she was the one having an incestuous relationship with her son, found out about Polly and got rid of Jason? Too far?

^ Jughead punches Chuck. Luckily for Jughead, his father happens to be there at the right time to step in when Chuck punched him back because that pretty face would’ve been scarred for life.

^ FP Jones. Bless him. Although he’s a poor example for a father figure, he chastises his son for being stupid. And there is something about him and Joaquin that I can’t quite put my dirty fingers on.

Image result for Joaquin fp jones

^ Ooh, it seems like Alice Cooper and FP Jones had some sizzling chemistry back then!

^ Betty opens up to Jughead about her darkness. Girl, you ain’t depress, you have a split personality and maybe it’s that spilt-personality that killed Jason.

^ *sighs* When would Archie learn?

^ Jughead is still perfect. 

So, that was this episode in a nutshell. Signs are pointing to FP Jones and Hiram Lodge (can’t wait for him to finally make an appearance) teaming to kill Jason Blossom, but I don’t buy it. I can accept that they had something to do with his murder, but Veronica’s mom would most likely be the killer in this triangle. But she doesn’t give me killer vibes. Annnd I’m out til next episode.

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BORN TO PRAISE….by Carl Gooch

I am born to praise HIM! ❤

By the Mighty Mumford

Born To Praise
Like a tree lifting its branches to the sky,
I lift up my hand to the Lord most high.
As the flowers bloom bright with the sun,
And so to will I shine in the love of God’s son.
God created all things to reflect His glory,
With a song in my heart I will tell His story.
Whether with cloudless sky or on rainy days,
I know He created me and I’m born to praise.
As the sun sets upon the sea it shimmers,
And with in my heart His promises glimmers.
When the sunrises o’er a snowy mountain pass,
It reflects His wondrous mercy that forever lasts.
In the gentle breezes that blow through the pine,
He come to remind me when if I should whine.
The animals of the woods know He does provide,
And attest to me that from…

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