MI6: from Paris with style

MI6 (On set)ย MI6 (On set) Feeing good: He was later seen smiling at fellow crew members during the hectic day:

Tom Cruise shot some scenes with Sean Harris in the French capital recently and they look promising. I think this is the most stylish I’ve seen Tom look as Ethan Hunt. They’re really going all-out given that the 6th and perhaps final installment of the MI franchise focuses on Hunt’s character personally. ย Today, he was suspended in the air:

Precarious! Tom was seen suspended in the air as they filmed dramatic scenes

Could this be the HUGE stunt that McQuarrie was talking of?

It’s hard to believe that Tom was only 33 years at the time whenย Mission Impossible first came out. He looks happy and relaxed. I think he looks great, but he looks even greater in that coat.

Action! Tom Cruise, 54, filmed stunt scenes with his double for the sixth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise in Paris, France, on Monday

Something funny? Tom laughed and joked with crew members, looking relaxed and happy

๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

He’s so chilled, man!

Looks intense: The star looked deep in conversation with crew members, and appeared to give his input to filming

Here’s TC and Christopher McQuarrie on the Parisian location:

Here’s TC crashing his car twice (he better be careful with the stunts!):

*** Pictures via Daily Mail and The Sun

Book #10: Blackout

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Author:ย Annie Solomon
Publisher:ย Warner Forever (April 01st, 2006)
Pages:ย 354


A month ago Margo Scott was a book dealer with family and friends. Now, suddenly, she canโ€™t remember the last four weeks of her life, everyone close to her has disappeared, and sheโ€™s the prime suspect in a murder. When an intruder attacks, she responds with lightning-quick moves she has no memory of ever learning. Undercover agent Jake Wise has her in his sights and canโ€™t decide if this mysterious woman is an assassin or a pawn. Is he tempted to protect her because sheโ€™s innocent or because heโ€™s falling for her?

Thrust together, these two loners realize that trusting each other is their only hope of survival. Because the good guys and the bad guys have one thing in common. They all want Margo Scott deadโ€”the sooner, the better.



*cracks fingers* Here we go!

When Margo Scott wakes up with a month worth of memory wiped from her psyche, she immediately tries to remember what events led to her catatonic state but most importantly, who was she? Was she an innocent bookseller as her bookstore proclaims her to be? Was she some rogue agent her weapons of mass destruction hidden away at her apartment says that she was? Or was she a cold-blooded murderer as the police and FBI claimed that she was?

Jake Wise is an undercover agent ordered to watch Margo by Frank Temple, but when Frank is found murdered, he immediately suspects Margo as evidence seems to point to her. At first, he disbelieves her about her sudden bout of amnesia. He felt that she was a murdering ruthless con woman and wanted revenge on Frankโ€™s behalf.

They eventually became allies as they set about to discover the truth walking into a web of lies, betrayal, and deceit together.

Jake Wiseโ€™s jokes were sometimes lame and I did not like him that much.

Margo Scott was great but sometimes I just wanted to slap her for no apparent reason.

As for the person behind Margoโ€™s situation, I figured it out before the end and was tempted to turn to the last page to be proven right.

I wonโ€™t call this novel a Romantic Suspense. There is no romance between Jake and Margo. They didnโ€™t share an emotional connection and the sexual tension felt a little force between them. They just used each other for meaningless sex.


She looked very Marseilles today. A clingy shirt in black-and-white stripes with a boat neck that showed off her shoulders. Sheโ€™d wound a red scarf around her throat, and a black beret perched at a jaunty angle on her spiky white hair.

โ€“ Chapter 26; Page 127





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The Pied Piper by Ridley Pearson


The Final Poem

Once you start reading, you’re hooked with the words and play on emotions. Brilliant writing at its best.

Frank Solanki

The stories were all told

Now they all just seem so old

Little pieces of my heart

All broken, but they call it art

All the years Iโ€™ve left behind

I will return home and call them mine


When you needed shelter in the night

I burned myself to be your light

When you needed to stay afloat

I drowned myself to be your boat

When you were standing in the midst of storm

I fought the cold to keep you warm

It is more than I can take

No more sacrifices I will make

Now I know what I have to do

This is the final poem for you


We may not be free and young

All our songs now have been sung

When was the last time that we laughed?

When was the last time that we cried?

Can we smile together one last time


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Random thoughts: what Mars like, Sheeran’s not in love with faces and Cruise control


I need to unload my thoughts so…

^ I am disappointed in Bruno Mars. I don’t care for music like before, but I’ve been hearing Mars on a daily especially while traveling to work. He went from ‘Girl, you’re amazing just the way you are’ to objectifying women. That’s so distasteful.

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I know his music is catchy, but one look at the lyrics and it’s a totally different story. Mars is content to brag about his new life (the condo, champagne, expensive food…) that he’s living because that’s what he like. Such a sellout!

Image result for gif bruno mars that's what i like

Mars is only interested in sex and I should be down with this? Almost every song lyric on his album is the same.

^ Ed Sheeran bores me to death. ‘Shape of You’ is such a cheap song. He’s looking for a one-night-stand in a bar because the club is not suitable. So he finds One Night Standย and they head to his place, but she was probably so good that he decides to turn the one-night-stand into a temporary relationship.ย 

Image result for gif kissing

A week later, they’re on their first date (yay for sex before dating) and although they talked for hours, Ed is still mesmerized by her body. Not once he mentions her face. What about her darn face, Ed? What color are her eyes? Is she too ugly to… OH!

I’d rather have a man be in love with the whole of me instead of the shape of me. Cheap song, man.

^ Christian Bale saying that he based hisย American Psychoย character on a Letterman interviewย featuring Tom Cruise in 1999. He saidย that “Tom Cruise on David Letterman had this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes.”

If it’s anything, Bale’s character was like a caricature of Jim Carrey.

Image result for gif jim carrey crazy

I keep forgetting that celebrities are not allowed to be friendly, but I bet in real life, Tom has more personality than Bale would ever have.ย 

Image result for tom cruise jimmy fallon gif

After all, Tom is one of the friendliest people that many had the pleasure of meeting and I love this about him. Maybe he’s too friendly, but I like it and think it’s refreshing given the state of some of these robot looking celebrities we see on in the media.

Image result for gif cara delevingne

Cruise is polite and professional. I love the fact that he gets to know everyone’s name on set and at the end of a shoot, he gifts the crew. He has charm and a great sense of humor. If I start to tell some of my favorite Cruise stories, we’d be here all day, but there’s this really nice story about this restaurant where Cruise used to dine. A staffer managed to tell him that they’re (staff) huge fans and Cruise went to the back and said hello to everyone including the man who was repairing the ice machine. Who the heck does that? Even Victoria Beckham told the story of Tom taking the time to greet every single one of her employees.

Image result for tom cruise paris

Image result for tom cruise friendly

Keep smiling, Tom ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s too bad about his personal life, though.

^ Talking about Tom’s personal life, I was recently asked what I think about his ex-wife Katie Holmes dating Jaime Foxx? Should I care about this? She’s an adult. A big girl. A woman! I bet she and Tom signed some contract thing about not going public with any romance for five years (?). Hollyweird. I am also certain that both of them are now dating and can’t wait to show their lover off to the world once the contract expires.ย 

Image result for tom cruise rebecca ferguson gif

Um, too imaginative? I’m a writer. It’s what I do. But seriously, I like that Tom does not slander his ex-wives in the press.ย 

^ Speaking of Tom, he’s currently shooting the 6th installment ofย Mission: Impossibleย in Paris. Forget him and tell me where can I get that stylish peacoat:

Image result for tom cruise paris

Image result for tom cruise paris

Gray stubble games on point

Related image

^ย What’s next?

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