Criminal Minds: about last night

So, Criminal Minds totally blindsided us last night and I bet the writers and producers are still patting themselves on the back for getting us so distracted with the Dr. Spencer Reid arc that we didn’t see the plot twist of a century coming. Exaggeration much?

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With three more episodes left this season and Spencer Reid still behind bars, the BAU sends Dr. Tara Lewis to visit Reid for a cognitive interview. It took a little frustration on his part, but Reid eventually remembers the murder in Mexico and *GASPS* IT’S A WOMAN! Twitter went into a meltdown last night.


When Criminal Minds official Twitter handle retweet you >.<

So, we came up with several theories

^ Mr. Scratch is a woman (a few believed that he is actually transgendered).

^ The woman in question is actually helping Mr. Scratch. (Very plausible)

^ The woman in question is Dr. Reid’s mother’s caretaker (I rule this one out).

^ The woman in question is actually Cat Adams (S11). From the moment the blurred woman was revealed, I thought about Cat.

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Cat Adams actually threatened Reid in the 11th season and boldly prophesied that she would remember his name in 20 years, but he won’t remember hers. Let’s be honest for a bit here, even if it’s 100 years, we’ll all be remembering Reid’s name. You, Cat, not so much.

Image result for criminal minds cat adams gif

Luckily, MGG & Miss Plaza are friends in reality.
But I still think they’d make a terrific pair!

Image result for matthew gray gubler and taylor swift

Anyways, back to the show.

This Cat woman was a potential love interest for Reid. He went out to dinner with her and she turns out to be a serial killer. Even had a gun trained on the good doctor and everything. 

Image result for cat adams criminal minds gif

It’s funny that Reid is always stuck with the crazy ones. He might need more than a hug after this season!

Image result for criminal minds cat adams gif

They threw that boomerang at us last night and pulled out the torture card meaning that we have to wait until April 26th for a new episode. Overall, I was very impressed with last night’s episode and great directing by Joe Mantegna.

**GIFs/Images that don’t belong to LPM are via Google Search (Right-click for original source)



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