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Thursday Ten: Top 10 Tom Cruise fearless stunts

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“I look at cities and architecture and I’m always thinking, I want to jump off that building,”

Tom Cruise

And I look at you and I’m always thinking, How are you not dead yet? You’re almost 55 and you still want to be the best stuntman in Hollywood. You’re going to die during a stunt!

Sometime last week, I posted that Tom Cruise has been working on a single stunt for a year for MI6. And I was like…

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Yet, I wonder what could that stunt be (and how are they going to keep it under wrap once they start shooting?) seeing that Tom has already done it all. Director at the helm, Christopher McQuarrie is touting it as TC’s biggest stunt ever. *rolls eyes* Excuse me, sequence. Yes, the director called it a sequence and not a stunt…


And I’m over here, like…

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Anyway, over the years, I’ve seen Tom shake his fists and defiantly stare death in the face. I’ve seen him hang off an airplane, involve in a high-speed motorcycle chase, jump from an exploding fish tank, sword fight, bare-knuckle box, and dangle from the tallest building in the world (is it still the tallest building in the world because if it isn’t, Cruise is going to find it and climb it). He’s the most fearless actor out there and although he enjoys doing stunts for the entertainment value, I think I have to agree with McQ: it’s a hobby for Cruise.

In real life, Cruise is every inch the hero that he is on screen. I’ve read some heartwarming stories which involved him saving a family from a burning boat and paying a woman’s medical bills. But that can be saved for another time. I think TC is the last dying breed of genuine movie stars and I do appreciate what he brings to the screen, but sometimes, he leaves my heart in pieces.

Today, I bring you my top ten favorite TC stunts. I hope it’s possible to choose 10 because I had to leave out the one where he lay under an out of control truck in the 3rd Mission: Impossible.


1. Dangling off the Burj Khalifa Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol/ Jeremy Renner & Tom Cruise:

I’m not afraid of heights. I’m not afraid of heights. I’m not afraid…

Really, I am not afraid of dizzying heights, but watching TC perform this stunt gave me vertigo especially when he calmly sat on top of the building and posed for photos as if it’s part of his everyday meditation ritual. 

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Ghost Protocol remains my favorite in the MI franchise to date.

2. Hanging off the A400M Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation


This stunt stole my action packed heart! Tom was protected by a small safety harness during this scene which he shot 8 times until it was perfect. This is his most impressive stunt to date.

3. Holding his breath underwater for six minutes Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

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The 5th installment of Mission Impossible was wickedly death-defying for Cruise, but he went about it as another normal day at the office. Holding your breath underwater for six minutes is no easy feat.

4. Motorcycle high-speed chase Knight and Day

One of my absolute favorite stunt! I remember thinking that Cruise must be cut from Evel Knievel’s DNA! I love the part where he flips Cameron Diaz around on the bike so she can shoot at their pursuers. It was brilliant! 

5. The exploding fish tank Mission: Impossible

I simply love the camera angle they used from below during this scene and Tom looked cool performing this stunt. I mean, the stick of gum, the explosions, shattered glass and 16 tons of water! The exploding restaurant fish tank was Tom’s idea.

“Kittridge, you’ve never seen me very upset.”

6. Knife to the eye Mission: Impossible II

The first time I watched this scene, I was distracted by the sexy hair. The knife was real, but by this time I was already accustomed to Tom’s craziness. Yet, this could’ve been his last movie had the knife touch his eyeball. Make that a quarter of an inch to his eyeball.

7. Rock climbing scene Mission: Impossible II

In the opening sequence of this film, Ethan Hunt is free-scaling cliffs over Utah’s jagged Dead Horse Point with bare hands. Were he to fall, there was no safety net underneath him to catch him. Tom ended up tearing his shoulder while jumping between rocks. John Woo, the director, did not have the stomach to watch this scene because there were no wires involve.

8. Shootout Collateral

It’s not too often we see TC step into the shoes of a mean killing machine villain and this movie shows what he is capable of as an actor. Michael Mann and TC had rehearsed the club sequence for weeks, but it was TC’s floor-bound barrel roll which left me the most impressed.

This movie features the greatest club scene of all time.

9. Hoverpack chase scene Minority Report

Cruise was dangled from an 80 foot with 1.3 miles of cable during this stunt.

10. Breaking into Langley Mission: Impossible

This iconic scene needs no introduction. Cruise is an acrobat in this. 

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Criminal Minds: about last night

So, Criminal Minds totally blindsided us last night and I bet the writers and producers are still patting themselves on the back for getting us so distracted with the Dr. Spencer Reid arc that we didn’t see the plot twist of a century coming. Exaggeration much?

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With three more episodes left this season and Spencer Reid still behind bars, the BAU sends Dr. Tara Lewis to visit Reid for a cognitive interview. It took a little frustration on his part, but Reid eventually remembers the murder in Mexico and *GASPS* IT’S A WOMAN! Twitter went into a meltdown last night.


When Criminal Minds official Twitter handle retweet you >.<

So, we came up with several theories

^ Mr. Scratch is a woman (a few believed that he is actually transgendered).

^ The woman in question is actually helping Mr. Scratch. (Very plausible)

^ The woman in question is Dr. Reid’s mother’s caretaker (I rule this one out).

^ The woman in question is actually Cat Adams (S11). From the moment the blurred woman was revealed, I thought about Cat.

Image result for criminal minds cat adams gif

Cat Adams actually threatened Reid in the 11th season and boldly prophesied that she would remember his name in 20 years, but he won’t remember hers. Let’s be honest for a bit here, even if it’s 100 years, we’ll all be remembering Reid’s name. You, Cat, not so much.

Image result for criminal minds cat adams gif

Luckily, MGG & Miss Plaza are friends in reality.
But I still think they’d make a terrific pair!

Image result for matthew gray gubler and taylor swift

Anyways, back to the show.

This Cat woman was a potential love interest for Reid. He went out to dinner with her and she turns out to be a serial killer. Even had a gun trained on the good doctor and everything. 

Image result for cat adams criminal minds gif

It’s funny that Reid is always stuck with the crazy ones. He might need more than a hug after this season!

Image result for criminal minds cat adams gif

They threw that boomerang at us last night and pulled out the torture card meaning that we have to wait until April 26th for a new episode. Overall, I was very impressed with last night’s episode and great directing by Joe Mantegna.

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Day 6: WLSWC: 1 John 2:1-2

My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous:

And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.


August Scripture Writing Challenge is here! Come by and get your free printables and we will study salvation and eternity together!:

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365 Days of Writing

April 06th: Third from the top


Head to your favorite blog. Scroll down to the third post in the list. Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into a new post of your own.

I don’t have a favorite blog; I have many favorites and this is going to be hard to choose… Hmmm…

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LET US SEE….by Carl Gooch

Open the eyes of our hearts, Lord, and let us see!

By the Mighty Mumford

Let Us See
While we are searching, for riches of gold,
We may be missing treasures untold.
Open our eyes Lord, let us see,
The riches of treasure come from thee.
While we’re down here below, work we must;
But greater still is in who we trust.
Open our eyes Lord, let us see,
The One who created has set us free.
In our hurried lives rushing here and there
We pass by the one who really cares.
Open our eyes Lord, let us see,
That only in you can forgiveness be.
While we’re living in this world here below,
It’s hard to tell which way to go.
Open our eyes Lord, let us see,
Your word guiding us; hear our plea.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 06 April 2017

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