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Book #9: Private Lives

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Author: Tasmina Perry
Publisher: Headline Review (August 04th, 2011)
Pages: 613 
(Including an excerpt from Perfect Strangers)
Chapters: 71


Anna Kennedy loves her career. A young associate with a top media law firm, she’s the lawyer to the stars, hiding their sins from the hungry media. When Anna fails to prevent a damaging story being printed about heart-throb movie star Sam Charles she finds herself fighting to save not only his reputation, but also her own. But Anna is about to uncover a scandal more explosive than even Sam’s infidelities. A party girl is already dead and those responsible are prepared to silence anyone who stands in their way. Not least a pretty young lawyer who knows too much…



I honestly don’t know what to make of this book. It was a good story, but not a page turner. Some typos and name changes (where Andrew suddenly became Andy) turned me off.

I love thick books, but sometimes authors overwrite which can make the book unenjoyable. I eventually skimmed through some chapters.

I was warned not to read the book because many people did not like the ending, but I like to be the judge. The ending was not bad and it ended the way I wanted it to. I guess readers wanted to find out what happened to Larry and his cheating wife (wasn’t it obvious?) and Sam and Jessica (I didn’t care for these two).

That being said, I don’t know if I’ll read another book from this author.





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Blackout by Annie Solomon

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The Measuring Rod by Delia Porter

How would your soul measure if you were to stand before God’s Angel today? Would it shrink or grow?

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, Dori. ❤

~ Celebrate His Love ~ with Dori Drabek

NOTE: I have been looking for this story by Delia Porter for some time, finally found it and transcribed it as it was originally written. Though it is lengthy and a bit archaic, I do believe it is well-worth the time it takes to read it. Enjoy! Dori 🙂

I dreamed that I was on my way to school, when suddenly I noticed a great crowd upon the green. People were hurrying to and fro, and when I asked what the commotion was about, a girl said: — “Why don’t you know? It’s Measuring Day, and the Lord’s angel has come to see how much our souls have grown since last Measuring Day!”

“Measuring Day!” said I; “measuring souls! I never heard of such a thing,” and began to ask questions; but the girl hurried on, and after a little I let myself be pressed along with the crowd to…

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365 Days of Writing

April 04th: The transporter


Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.

Whenever I smell freshly baked sweet bread, it takes me back to those days when Mom used to bake. 🙂

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