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STAR: Jahil’s pain (season finale)

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“I am who I am. I don’t make no excuses for that.”


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WARNING: Spoilers ahead. If you’re watching Star and is yet to see the last episode and you hate spoilers, now is the time to look away.

The season finale of Star came to an end on Wednesday night and what a painful night for Jahil! The man can’t catch a break!

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In a nutshell:

^ Alex and Derek decides to keep the baby. They’re so cute, they should consider getting married in real life.

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^ Derek is paralyzed. 😦

^ Otis’s wife confessed to killing him. I called this so I’m still grinning like an idiot.

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^ Big Boi played Big Trouble and I laughed until my sides hurt because I called this over on Twitter. I knew he didn’t want to sign them. He was interested in Eva all along, but that’s what the girls get for stabbing Jahil in the back.

Big Trouble won the Atlanta Fest. Duh! It was always about them.

^ Cotton is arrested for grand theft and rightfully so. I don’t know why fans were feeling sorry. Theft is theft. It ain’t yours.

^ Carlotta is the new manager of Big Trouble. She’s like a snake. She was always waiting in the bushes to snatch what Jahil created. I think she might have some leftover feelings for him as well seeing that they were a thing. She wants the glory days back. The glory days that never took off. The glory days that she’ll be reliving through the girls.

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^ Eva and Hunter are dead dead dead! The human trafficking people received a tipoff from Arlene (Hunter’s mother) and they sent someone to Jahil’s home. The downside? He wasn’t there. The upside? Eva and Hunter were there making out in his bed. The stupid gunman didn’t even check to make sure it was Jahil before offing Hunter and Eva, but they got their just desserts. I wish they could’ve kept Hunter, though. His character could’ve reformed.

Jahil releasing the trafficked girls remains my favorite moment of the season.

^ The season ended on a high note especially with the song “Ain’t About What You Got”:

How could someone so sexy
be so damn repulsive, babe?

It ain’t about what you got
It’s all about what you do.

Yes! Never judge someone on his/her great looks because they might not be who you’re expecting them to be. It’s all about action!

This is how you end a season finale. 


After that wonderful shocking season finale, I have some thoughts for the second season.

^ Is Jahil going to be framed for the murders of Hunter (his nephew) and Eva (his ex)? Or will he run off and lay low for a while?

^ Would Cotton ever get that surgery? 

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^ Would Alex miscarry? I don’t know. It’s just something I’ve been thinking about. The girls just won the contest and there’s going to be pressure for them to become stars and with Derek paralyze, I expect them to worry about their future.

^ Does getting rid of Hunter (Star’s ex) and Eva (Jahil’s ex) means that Jahil and Star are going to be an item?

^ And can we please stop with Queen Latifah’s wigs? It’s annoying.

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Erm, no you’re not!

I am not too excited for the second season, so they can take their time.

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