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Top 5 style icons


I don’t really have any style icons, but I like these people’s style:

^ Michael Jackson

Let’s face it: there is not another performer on this earth who oozes elegant style and grace as MJJ did. He was a trendsetter and he looked his best even on his normal days. The best accessory? His smile.

Related image

^ Brigitte Bardot

This woman! She revolutionized fashion and put France in a trance. Her style has impacted many generations with many today still looking back to the past for inspiration. She is the ultimate style icon!

Image result for Brigitte Bardot style icon

^ Ethan Hunt

Best dressed man on screen. End of.

Image result for ethan hunt blue suit ghost protocol

^ Tom Cruise

Cruise! He pulls off any suit well and although he has been caught dead in tight fitting pants and ill-fitting shirts from time to time, he has this timeless gentlemanly way about him when he’s in a proper fit suit. Best accessory? His hair, sunglasses, his smile and his RRL jeans.

Image result for tom cruise casual style

^ Saif Ali Khan

Some die-hard SRK/Bollywood fans will disagree with me, but have you seen this man in a suit? They don’t call him the Bollywood Tom Cruise for nothing!

Image result for saif ali khan style



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