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Book #1: The Holy Bible

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16-17

I believe in a Higher Force call God and the Holy Bible is my favorite book of ALL TIME. It compasses of 66 books written by 40 authors.

I’ve read it a few times cover to cover and I am currently rereading it again (I’m reading Jeremiah). It never gets old and every time I read it, I discover something new. It is also the most intriguing and thought-provoking book I’ve ever read.

This Book is often disputed by many scholars and critics alike. For me, the Bible is there to remind us how not to live in sin. How to forgive and how to love one another. Jesus Christ reminds us to love our enemies, to take care of the poor and needy and to practice forgiveness. We can learn so much from Jesus. He was never too busy to take time off His schedule to see/heal/talk to someone. The best role model to look up to.

Deuteronomy is the Law. Genesis is the beginning of creation and Revelation prophesizes about the ending of that creation which will eventually lead to utopia. “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” (Revelation 21:4)

One of my favorite books is Song of Solomon. It is the greatest of all songs. Yes, it is erotic, but the love story is an allegory of God’s love for us. It is about human love. It shows how love can be grand. I can talk at length about this book, so maybe I’ll leave that for another time.Solomon was a notorious womanizer and that was his great downfall. He was wise as he was foolish. 

But I have the softest spot for King Solomon. 🙂

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Moses, Noah, Lot (great human being!), Solomon, David, and Abraham are just some of the people I’ve enjoyed reading about for they remind me of us in redeeming qualities.

Everyone should own a copy of the Bible. It is the only book you need for life and the number 1 bestseller of all time. It is the holy inspired Word of God. It is a timeless masterpiece. It is the love of God for all humanity. It is saving grace. Simply put, it is the Book of all Books.

*** Well, there goes my first book review! I hope to get better at this as I continue to review books. 🙂

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Riverdale: a Jughead update

Okay, so after last night’s episode of Riverdale, I had to sit down to write this. The episode provided some insight into Jughead’s life. His family starts to fall apart after his father was fired from his job and turns to drinking. His mother took his sister Jellybean and left. And now I know why Jughead was living anywhere but home. His father is a messed up drunken Serpent gang member who is in too deep and can’t stop lying to his son. I reckon that he’d be dead by the end of the season if he keeps that up.

Image result for FP Jones

I love the interactions between Jughead and Betty and I love that he is helping her through everything. 

GIF via Tumblr

And while I’m on Bughead (yes, they have a shipping name), let me just say that they have the best moment so far this season:

The interaction is all in the eyes, something Cole Sprouse has perfected whenever he is looking at someone.

GIFs via Tumblr

I don’t know how long they’re going to last, but they’re the best pairing on the show. They should consider dating in reality because… chemistry.

Image result for lili reinhart cole sprouse

And were totally cute just hanging out on this couch.

Whatever FP Jones is mix up in is not good. At the very end of the episode, we see Jason Blossom’s jacket hanging in his wardrobe. What does this mean for FP? Maybe he was the one who torched the car, but I don’t think he killed Jason. He might be covering for someone, or perhaps Jason is his son. Okay, that does not sound right. Forget I said that. I am beginning to think that FP, Hermione, and Andrew knows exactly what happened to Jason because one of them or all of them were there during the torture period.

What they gone do next? Kill the Sheriff and say its FP?

Cole Sprouse as Jughead is the best thing to ever happen to TV after Spencer Reid and I’ll say it again: had it not been for him I would not be tuning in. 

And a perfect tribute to the original Jughead: the lopsided crown. 

Next episode airs March 30th and the second season is a go!

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March 10th: playlist of the week

cable, earphones, headphones

Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of five songs that represent it.

I’ve had a terrific week! I cannot complain. I can only list 3 relevant songs, though:

^ Draw Me Close to You – Michael W. Smith

Everyday, I aim to get closer to God until I am walking with him in one accord.

^ I Need Thee Every Hour – Fernando Ortega

Because I do. I need Him every second, every minute, every hour, all the time.

^ Our God is an Awesome God – Michael W. Smith

Every day I am reminded of this.


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5 favorite pictures


^ My favorite all time picture of TC. 

Tom Cruise and Suri:

^ This photo of Lionel Messi after our great comeback against PSG. This is football’s Photo of the Year for me. Kudos to the photographer who landed this awesome shot.

^ This pic of Neymar giving God all the deserved praise after our great comeback. Some people criticized him for thanking God, but they don’t have this young man’s faith. God is in everything that we do. Yes, even sports.

^ This sunset which I took last year. 

^ And this one!


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Top 5 style icons


I don’t really have any style icons, but I like these people’s style:

^ Michael Jackson

Let’s face it: there is not another performer on this earth who oozes elegant style and grace as MJJ did. He was a trendsetter and he looked his best even on his normal days. The best accessory? His smile.

Related image

^ Brigitte Bardot

This woman! She revolutionized fashion and put France in a trance. Her style has impacted many generations with many today still looking back to the past for inspiration. She is the ultimate style icon!

Image result for Brigitte Bardot style icon

^ Ethan Hunt

Best dressed man on screen. End of.

Image result for ethan hunt blue suit ghost protocol

^ Tom Cruise

Cruise! He pulls off any suit well and although he has been caught dead in tight fitting pants and ill-fitting shirts from time to time, he has this timeless gentlemanly way about him when he’s in a proper fit suit. Best accessory? His hair, sunglasses, his smile and his RRL jeans.

Image result for tom cruise casual style

^ Saif Ali Khan

Some die-hard SRK/Bollywood fans will disagree with me, but have you seen this man in a suit? They don’t call him the Bollywood Tom Cruise for nothing!

Image result for saif ali khan style