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Riverdale: who killed Jason Blossom?

I’m sort of invested in Riverdale where it concerns the oh-so-tragic killing of Jason Blossom. Here’s a rundown of the show thus far (WARNING: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t passed at least 3 episodes or watched the last one as yet):

^ Polly is pregnant with the deceased’s child.

^ Jughead and Betty discovers said car that Jason and Betty were supposed to have eloped in and guess what?

Image result for Betty and Jughead riverdale gif

^ Betty and Jughead kisses. It’s good to know that the people involved in this show are going the heterosexual route for Jughead… at the moment. Right from the beginning, I could sense some chemistry between these two.

Image result for Betty and Jughead riverdale gif

^ LOVING the bromance between Archie and Jughead and everyone knows I’m a sucker for a good bromance.

Image result for riverdale

^ Archie and Valerie are a thing now. Well, sort of. 

Image result for Archie and Valerie riverdale

YAY #interracialgoodness

^ The parents are cray cray. All of them are.

^ Why do I put up with this crap show again? Oh, right…

^ And well, same old same, we’re nowhere near solving the murder of Jason Blossom. I’ll take this liberty to throw some suspects out there: I still think it’s Betty’s mom, someone from the football team, Cheryl or even Betty. I have no idea why Betty or even Polly for that matter. She shouldn’t even be there. I shouldn’t forget Jason’s own mother or F.P. Jones. Maybe it’s an adult who killed Jason after all and not one of his peers. I mean, WHO ISN’T A SUSPECT??

Image result for Betty and Jughead riverdale gif

Anyway, what if another certain redhead *coughs* Archie *coughs coughs* was the intended target and not Jason?

So does this warrant a higher rating than my original two stars? Hmm…


You know what the best thing about this show is? Jughead. He is still an enigma. We don’t know much about him except the few facts that his father is part of a gang, he had a little sister who might have died (?), he’s actually homeless (where is he living now?) and he’s in love with Betty. So this character wins for me. He reminds me of my all-time favorite character Spencer Reid as well.

Image result for Betty and Jughead riverdale gif

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22 thoughts on “Riverdale: who killed Jason Blossom?

    1. YAY! I have someone to talk about Riverdale with! What do you think of it so far and who is your best guess on Jason’s killer? I can understand your excitement. I love Archie too. 🙂

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      1. Cheryl loves her brother too much to kill him – I’m suspecting a Cersei/Jaime-like relationship there actually….

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    2. Those are good guesses. It’s also where they want to direct our interest although it’s not hard to see that the Coopers have some hard hatred for the Blossoms. If I have to toss it up between the Coopers, I’ll have to say the mom, though dad is looking more likely. UGH! I want the finale to come like yesterday!

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      1. I usually give CW shows a try. I’ve been a fan of TVD, Originals, No Tomorrow, Supergirl, and more, and several that didn’t last beyond the first season. I’ve got Frequency on my watch list on Netflix and I know about Jane The Virgin and Crazy Ex-girlfriend, but I don’t know about watching those. I know they aren’t the same, but I enjoyed the mysteries surrounding Hemlock Grove, Scream (the TV show), and Teen Wolf (bad title, but love the show). Lol that was more in depth than I expected.

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    1. I gave up on Supergirl eons ago and I haven’t watched any of the others you’ve listed although I am aware of them too. I tried watching Scream but it wasn’t my cup of tea. I only started Riverdale for Cole Sprouse, but I think CW oversexualize all their shows which can take away from the storyline.

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      1. Supergirl is definitely over-dramatic, but it fits with the way the comics were made. I enjoyed Cat and when she left I wasn’t sure I’d continue, but then they added Chris Wood, and that man is yummy. 😆😆 Scream was interesting for the who dun it question, and they did pose some interesting questions (from the movie aficionado) about how a slasher could be a TV show.

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    2. It’s not the over-dramatic thing, I just couldn’t get into it. As for Scream, I don’t think I can hang with the cast. I’m very picky when it comes to TV hence the reason why I don’t watch a lot of it. My friend suggested that I watch ‘Blacklist’ so I’ll give that a go sometime. And yass girl, Chris is fine!

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  1. I most defiantly think that right now Archie was the real target. I actually have some theories on my blog about it, maybe we can talk someday and trade theories! Also I absolutely love Jughead and I high-key ship Bughead!

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    1. Yes, I think Archie was the intended target too. I cannot wait for this mystery to be labeled as solved. Jughead is the real reason I’ve stuck around and I love what he has going on with Betty.


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