How to realise your travel dreams

This is a great way to plan your traveling goals!


Everybody has dreams. People are dreaming mostly about what they don’t have, don’t know yet, haven’t been somewhere yet. Dreams give us hope. Of course we can have dreams about us not necessary things but most people want to have more money, big house, car, love, health, muscles (like me) or travelling maybe. Unfortunately dreams don’t come direct true. It’s not enough to have a vision and waiting for when we can enjoy it. It won’t happen. These thoughts are intangible and if people are asked about this imaginations then they would say something like: “I want more money” or “I want more travel” or maybe “I want a new car”. These sentences are intangible. Believe me you don’t struggle for them because you don’t know exactly what you really want. You can’t have a plan without the details and conditions. That’s why I don’t have still muscles but I already travel a lot…

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