When Jesus came out as a Babe,

Think of all the joy He gaveโ€ฆ

Heaven sat aside

Wonderingย  eyes wide,

How could this little One save?


The angels had to wait a few years,

Watching this boy through their tears..

โ€˜Tween Heaven and earth

They witnessed His birth,

Watching long growing-up years.


He couldnโ€™t reappear in the air,

He had to change to clean underwearโ€ฆ

Energy resgtored

As the family snored,

Sounds deafening to the ear!


Sometimes Jesus learned the hard way

Had to pace himself for every dayโ€ฆ

Food needed time

To cook, and wine

Had to ferment for a coming Feast Day.


Delayed by others at fault,

How tempting to open the vaultโ€ฆ

Of powers set asideโ€“

Just onceโ€“to see pride

Of his family in times difficult1


But a sinless life Jesus served,

Facing crucifixion He never deservedโ€ฆ


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February 27th: Comedy of errors


Murphyโ€™s Law says, โ€œAnything that can go wrong will go wrong.โ€ Write about a time everything did โ€” fiction encouraged here, too!

Bonus assignment: do you keep a notebook next to your bed? Good. Tomorrow morning, jot down the first thought you have upon waking, whether or not itโ€™s coherent.

I am going to pass on today’s challenge. I just can’t think of anything right now as I am trying to complete a writing assignment. Sorry guys. Please accept these flowers instead…

Pink and White Rose

Pink and White Petaled Flower

Jamming for the Lord!

This morning, I woke up in a foul mood and I thought the day was going to turn out bad. After I talked to God, thanked Him for blessing me with life for yet another day, and after I did my Bible studies, I put on some spiritual music to cleanse my soul. I’ve been surrounded by bad vibes and awful music for the past two months or so (It’s Carnival here in Trinidad so everywhere I go it’s nothing but bacchanal!). I’ve had my fill of the negative energy and misleading lyrics. ย 

So I put on some Michael W. Smith and had a jam session. Smith is my go to refuge when I want to uplift my soul. ย Ephesians 5:19

Thank you, Lord, for music that glorifies You.

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