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Review: Riverdale the pilot episode


A teen drama based on the characters by Archie Comics. 




And Cole Sprouse.

Yes, the one and only Cole Sprouse from Zack & Cody fame. 

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Cole AKA my favorite Sprouse twin. Now, he’s all grown up, a college graduate, a photographer and he’s back on the small screen as Jughead in CW’s new oozing sexual mess, Riverdale. 


Last Thursday, I tuned into the pilot episode because of Cole. I like Cole. I can’t say I enjoyed the show, but it was enough to make me want to tune into the next episode. Highlights:

^ Jughead narrates.

^ Jason Blossom is dead. His twin sister Cheryl was the last person to see him alive while they were out on the river in a boat. She told the police that he drowned while trying to rescue a fallen bracelet (?) for her. I think there’s more to these siblings’ erm, relationship than Cheryl is letting on. I want to be wrong about incest.

^ The kiss between Veronica and Betty was unnecessary. I understand that it meant nothing and that the producers were going in for the shock factor, but this is getting out of hand and ridiculous now.

^ Betty suddenly wants to be in a relationship with her friend Archie encouraged by her gay bestie Kevin. However, Archie does not like her that way. He has the hots for Veronica. 

^ Archie is into music and wants the music teacher (whom he happened to have a hot summer fling with) to help him.

^ Archie and the music teacher was together at 6 am at Sweetriver when they heard the gunshot that killed Jason. However, they haven’t said anything because they don’t want to explain their affair given that Archie is erm, underage. I am certain that someone else was there to witness both the “murder” and affair. Pretty Little Liars anyone? Anyway, I think that Jason’s murderer is Betty’s mom, someone from the football team, Betty or Cheryl. I know, I’m bad at the guessing game. How about we toss in Polly too? Of course, we’re yet to meet her, though. 

^ Jason is way cuter than Archie.

Ooh, don’t you just love a big scandal in such a small town?

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Sexuality & Jughead

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While everyone is either straight, gay, or bisexual, Jughead (my favorite Archie character) is still trying to figure out his sexuality. Yes, sexuality plays a HUGE part of this new series. If you’re an Archie fan, then you’ll remember that although Jughead had ladies after him, he was never interested… not even in Ethel Muggs (this character hasn’t shown up yet). Given that we already have some sexually interesting characters, wouldn’t it be fun for Jughead to be asexual? Cole Sprouse certainly thinks so.

“I personally would love to see that exploration [of Jughead as asexual]. But I’m just the actor. At the end of the day, to say that’s my job or my duty is probably a misunderstanding of the writers’ role and the directors’ role and the producers’ role. If I was in full creative charge of this character, things obviously would be different, things obviously would go a certain way. But it seems to me that they’re not going to explore that angle and, to me, that’s unfortunate, to be quite honest.” (via Nerdist)

Sorry, Sprouse, but I don’t think Hollywood is ready to glamorize asexuality. And besides, this is a CW show. You’re either going to be gay or bisexual. I cross my fingers that if you’re not asexual, that you’ll be at least a straight one.



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