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While you can

Smile while you can
Eat while you can
Love while you can
Pray while you can
Give while you can
Laugh while you can

Give praise while you can
Repent while you can
Do good while you can
Travel while you can
Shout joyously while you can
Learn while you can

Simply, live while you can for we never know
what tomorrow may bring.


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365 Days of Writing

January 26th: Musical

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What role does music play in your life?

At the moment, I listen to less music. I’ve replaced Beyonce, Coldplay, Aerosmith and what have not for Gospel. I also listen to Depeche Mode now and then, some Sade and Bollywood songs. 


**GIFs/Images that don’t belong to LPM are via Google Search (Right-click for original source)


The Community

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Submit Completely

Let it go and give it to Jesus!

Be Inspired..!!

I’ve written pretty extensively about the need to release beliefs, the importance of your emotions and how to line up your energy with what you want. This blog is full of information about different beliefs, how they may manifest in your reality and how to shift your perspective to a better feeling place.

However sometimes, when you’re feeling stuck or desperate, when you need something to happen quickly and you have no idea how that might come about, explanations don’t help much. You want something to happen for a really long time and all you see is “IT” not happening, sometimes even the opposite happening which brings your moral down.

After giving much thought, I believe my problem is I don’t “Let Go”. I know easier said than done, but we need to let go completely, totally. Even when you don’t see things moving, move away, leave the situation, think something different, your mood might…

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