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I simply love this!

By the Mighty Mumford


(from Pinterest)

She lets him sleep a little longer,

Gathering his strength…

Closed his door

Hearing him snore,

He wakes up at length.

She peeled peaches soaked in syrup,

He slices each to stir up…

Her self pride

In prepared provide,

In putting her foot in the stirrup!

She asked that he buy BISQUICK,

Maybe ’cause she was homesick…

Used at home

He goes along,

Although his cook’s ego is ticked.

Pancakes with peach sauce,

Mutual effort at cost…

Both take  turns

Thus love burns,

No rock on the moss  (…?…).

They each know the other’s behavior,

Trying when they can to savor…

The other as unique

Character which speaks,

Of relationships with God’s favor!  🙂

–Jonathan Caswell

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