Thursday Ten: La Petit Muse: A look back at 2016 💙


Technically, it’s not morning, it’s evening and I’ve endured a rather exhausting day, but I need to write. So let me hang up my coat before I begin this post.

2016 has been one heck of a rollercoaster ride! It had its ups and downs, its pain and joys and everything else in between. One of the best highlights for me was this blog. La Petit Muse was a project that started back in 2015 and ever since, it’s been a struggle to keep things a’ float, but I haven’t given up.

This should’ve get done a few weeks ago, but I shall recount 2016 now.

Image result for eyes wide shut gif

Here are my top favorite 10 posts of 2016 to write. 💙

1. The Promises of God

The only promises that we can hold onto because they’ll be fulfilled in due time.

Image result for free quotes

2. The Fashion Challenge

All about putting our best foot forward.

Image result for Atticus Finch

3. Just Smile

🙂 🙂


4. The Story Behind La Petit Muse

It’s not a long story, I swear!

Image result for eyes wide shut gif

5. Dangers of Trending Topics on Twitter

Especially when we’re on work.

6. 61st Filmfare Awards

The best award show I’ve viewed in 2016.

7. Covers and Moodboards

Still working on these babies!


8. Best Dressed Heroes

It’s all in the suit.

Image result for tom cruise ghost protocol blue suit

9. Best Dressed Villains

Not too bad, eh?

Image result for bram stoker's dracula gary oldman

10. Unwrapping the Mummy

The pleasure of Tom Cruise screaming. 


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