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One day I heard an awful cry
Way up from above the dark swollen skies,
They were the cry of his angels,
The ones that gained everlasting life from above in the heaven away heaven
Thatโ€™s soon going to touch down
The master sobs profoundly whenever he looks down at his children,
Who daily hurts his heart so much,
He must come again,
Yes he is coming again,
To bring this current world to a massive end
The days are no more longer
The time keeps on getting shorter
The more we surrender
The better it will be ย for both our souls and the heavenly father
Heโ€™s waiting
While we are senselessly killing one another and concurrently disobeying,
Heโ€™s calling,
While we only drink, party and continue to contain our veins with illegal substances to abstain pain,
Heโ€™s showing signs
While we continue to be blind by the devil and his targeted demons he assigns,
He screams from inside,
โ€œWhy have thou forsaken me? Why my children? Why?โ€
His angels are on their way on rapid flights,
When can they arrive?
Anytime either today or tonight
Are you ready for judgment day,
When he calls us up one by one for our individual judging?
What would you tell him?
Would we decide then to repent?
Why donโ€™t we all do it now while he still gives us limited time
For one day this world will be no more for you and I.

ยฉ Tammy

*** The first poetry for Poetry Wednesday 2017 is a spiritual contribution from my girl, Tammy. She is now on Wattpad, so you can follow her there. Hopefully, she’ll be joining us in the blogosphere! ๐Ÿ˜›

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I recently had ย a paragraph to write for a course ย and the topic was about being fulfilled; this is what I believe:
To be fulfilled means finding something which brings joy to the heart and elevates the mind in such a way others will definitely benefit from the passion emitted. To be passionate about something means to be fulfilled by what we do. It becomes important to our heart and mind while accomplishment hinges on the very essence of its existence. We all feel a sense of passion within the career path we choose. Listen to the rhythm of the heart and fulfillment becomes the song.

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