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Journal entry #2: traveling!


19th-21st, December 2o16

I have two weeks away from work and I’ve been doing some traveling locally with my sister who is my partner in crime, hence the reason why I was unable to update the blog. I don’t have the time to schedule any posts at the moment, but I’ll try to get back into the swing of things soon.

Monday 19th: San Fernando

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Last Train to San Fernando (via Wikipedia)

I love this city and I have been thinking of moving here in the near future. Sando, as it’s fondly called, must be tired of seeing me, though! Whenever I’m there, I feel like I’m home. Sando is also our most populous city. โค

Tuesday 20th: Gasparillo & San Fernando

Gasparillo is beautiful and the people there are open, warm, and naturally curious to strangers. I can’t blame them. We actually came to support a friend who has recently opened his very own eatery and I’m very proud of him. If you happen to be in Gasparillo at any time and you’re in the mood for some good cooking, drop in at the Black Rosรฉ Cafรฉ.ย 

From Gasparillo, we traveled to Sando to get transport to Port-of-Spain. *sighs* Always a pleasure, Sando. Always a pleasure. I took this beautiful photo while we were waiting for transport to carry us home. I dubbed it ‘Sunset in the City’.


#GodisanArtist #NoFilter

Wednesday 21st: Valencia, Sangre Grande & Arima

Sangre Grande is one heck of a long ride from Port-of-Spain! It took almost two hours to reach our destination. The driver passed through Valencia and I fell in love with the greenery. It reminds me of Chaguaramas. I’ve made a mental note to visit the Valencia Resort Center soon. When we finally got to Grande, we had to wait for a friend to pick us up. She gave us a little tour and an insight into the past history.ย 

By the way, Grande is the largest town in northeastern Trinidad.ย 


#wildflower I took this at my friend’s place! ๐Ÿ™‚

After all the excitement died down, it was time for us to be on our way home. Our friend dropped us off into town in hopes of us getting a maxi back to POS. However, we got to the maxi stand only to be told that no maxis were working. It was already dark and after six and we didn’t want to spend much longer in a strange area given that it was our first time there. Most important thing, we always go with God!

We were told to go to the taxi stand. We had no idea where it was, so we asked someone for directions only to be told to go further up the street from which we came. We asked a police officer, who pointed us even higher up the street and wished us good luck. When we reached the junction (yes, higher up the street), we asked a man for directions. He told us to go back down the very same street from which we came and we’ll see “some birds on a wire. You can’t miss them.”ย 

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Who gives that kind of direction? I ended up calling my friend (something I should’ve done in the first place, but I had to put my trust in the people) and she directed us to the stand. When we got there, I humored the man by looking for birds on a wire. There weren’t any. None of the taxis were heading into POS, so we had to take transport to Arima. I’ve been to Arima once and I like the people and the vibes. It was easy from there to get POS transport all thanks to my sister who knows Arima like the back of her palm.

So, it’s been a wild week. I now look to recuperate before updating La Petit Muse. Next stop might just be Mayaro or Palo Seco.

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