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Criminal Minds: S12 thus far

The stern Hotch is gone. I thought I would’ve missed him, but I don’t. I haven’t been missing Morgan either. I like the addition of Adam Rodriguez as Luke Alvarez, but I cannot fathom why Prentiss is back (her presence feels so wrong!) and why we’re adding yet another member to the team in the form of Damon Gupton.

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This is what happened to Castle in the 8th season. They started bringing in outsiders to join the family unit and things weren’t clicking anymore. They began to lose viewers and then the show was eventually canceled. 

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We’re eight episodes into the 12th season of my beloved Criminal Minds. I’ve maintained that I am a fan of this show, but I’ve also maintained that once Matthew Gray Gubler leaves, I’ll stop watching. MGG as Dr. Spencer Reid is what held my interest all these years and I am hoping that the writers would give this character a piece of mind.

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Thus far, the season is a 6/10. Hotch is gone and so is Derek. We need to use their absence to adjust to the newbie, Luke, who I think is trying a little too hard to fill Derek’s shoes by trying to work his sexy way into Garcia’s heart. Garcia dissing the newcomers is not sitting well with me either. She is acting rather childish and if this is supposed to make me as a viewer feel better about the absence of Hotch and Spencer…

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However, I love what I’ve been seeing from MGG so far. It’s nothing new, but he is the one who holds the show together. I always look forward to his directed episode and he didn’t let me down this season with ‘Elliot’s Pond’. His character will be in the spotlight once again for the 13th episode simply titled ‘Spencer’ in which he’ll be dealing with his mother’s illness. Have your tissues handy.

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MGG arouses emotions in viewers like no other! There was that ‘Zugzwang’ episode in which he had to watch his girlfriend die, and although it was one of the saddest episodes I’ve ever watched, it was also one of the most beautiful because here the man put his raw emotions on display showing what he is capable of. I can watch it without tearing up now. 😛

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At the beginning of this season, I said I hope that this would be the last season. Yet, I’ll watch if there’s a 13th season in the pipeline once Dr. Reid is staying. 

Episode 9 of CM will air on January 04th.




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