Trailer unwrap: ‘The Mummy’: watch TC SCREAM in terror!

“Please meet Princess Ahmanet. She will claim what she has been denied.”

After waiting impatiently for Tom Cruise’s new action-adventure horror trailer, it is finally here. This is the intense trailer for The Mummy:

What do I make of it? I think it is darker than the others before, but I will give it a go because TC. Of course, I can’t forget Brendan Fraser. He was the reason why I had gotten into The Mummy franchise, but this is a new era of erm, gods and monsters and this princess mummy certainly ain’t playing around.


The trailer was not worth the wait. I don’t see why it couldn’t have dropped earlier because I would’ve met it with the same expression that I am currently wearing on my face: WHOA! Though, I must say that it could’ve been a little better for the love of all things Ancient Egypt!

Cruise and Anna seem to have some very good chemistry going on. 

This film is a remake of the 1932’s The Mummy. This is my honest review of the trailer:

This is like Misson: Impossible and Edge of Tomorrow with a supernatural twist.

It is an action-adventure horror hybrid and although I am not a fan of the horror genre anymore, this one looks okay. The trailer was butchered. The opening was lazily edited in my opinion, but TC screaming his lungs off when the plane was going down (I wonder if he did the stunt in a real crashing plane? Too soon?) was priceless. I was not expecting it and I thought it was funny, so I laughed. I’m certain I did not laugh alone. I don’t care if it was a filter scream, it was fun-nay!

I confess that I don’t find monster films scary, but funny. If you end up in the same cinema as me for this film, then you’ve been warned: I’ll be LAUGHING my lungs off!

The trailer is crammed with action, suspense, and intrigue. Cruise’s character died a plane crash and came back to life in a morgue. How? Why? WHAT?? *Gasps* Is he Van Helsing? 


Tom Cruise should’ve been cast as the horrifying mummy. It would’ve been EPIC! Hmm… What if he is a mummy? *ponders* Either way, this film looks promising. I’m going to call it Mission: Impossible: Ancient Curse.

A behind the scene piece will be online this week, so I look forward to that.

The Mummy is the beginning of a new run of interconnected movies and Universal made the smart choice to kick off its classic monsters universe with the world’s greatest actor.

A few thoughtful tweets:

I think it’s safe to say that many people are excited even non-TC fans.


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