NaNoWriMo: in conclusion

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Two days aback, I posted about the set back I was having in completing the challenge due to Microsoft Office not responding on my laptop. I’ll be taking it to my IT guy next week for a check, but at the moment I’ve fixed the issue temporarily.

On deadline day, I was planning to write 10,000 words, given that I’ve done it already. However, this time around it was not to be. I had to work and it was very hectic so I didn’t get the writing done. When I got home, I was not well (putting in 4-5 hours of sleep a night will do that to you!) so I wrote a few thousand words, updated my status and went to bed.

I’ve written 44,643 words this year for NaNo. This is the first time that I didn’t win, but I don’t feel disappointed. I was happy to do this challenge regardless of what was going on in my life and it’s an achievement that I am proud of. I haven’t touched the story since then and I am going to spend the weekend recuperating. 

Congrats to every participant and winners this NaNo! This does not mean that you can stop writing. The journey is just starting.

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