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Here’s to a wonderful December!

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*Looks around* Where did November go? 

A little recap

I did not get to complete the #NovemberNotes challenge, but prior to the start of November, I know I wouldn’t complete half. It was a great challenge, though, and I look forward to future ones. 

NaNoWriMo was fun this time around and although I didn’t win, I am focus on completing the first draft. It’s actually nice that a few people are already interested in seeing the final product. 🙂

Hello, December!

I have a few things planned for this month. 

^ Focus on completing the first draft for Obsédé. I am probably going to be blabbing about this new story a lot more than I should. I would not apologize, but you have been warned. 😛


^ Telling my Wattpad story. I also want to start promoting some really cool and interesting Wattpad stories that I’ve discovered since I remembered that I signed up for this platform.

^ Post about the importance of research, character building, and some forgotten basic English rules.

^ Work on a Nostalgia time wrap thing.

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I am very excited to welcome December! I am putting things in order for next year God’s willing concerning my future and I am looking forward to it with open arms. 

Blessed December to all and remember to…

June plans! – La Petit Muse:



Living for God. God is always good to me and I am trying to be good to Him on a daily basis. I put God before anything else because I trust Him over people for He always has my back. 💙

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