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Tom Cruise owns the most handsome face in the World!

Look at that face! 

I’m not making this up. Tom Cruise is the proud owner of the most handsome face in the world for 2016/17. Yes, you heard right. The list, compiled by the world’s top most, features the top 10 most handsome faces in the world. 

Presenting the Top 10:

1. Tom Cruise

2. Robert Pattison

Image result for Robert Pattinson 2016

3. Hrithik Roshan

Image result for Hrithik Roshan

4. Johnny Depp

Image result for johnny depp 2016

5. Tom Hiddleston

Image result for tom hiddleston 2016

6. Omar Borkan Al Gala

Image result for omar borkan al gala

7. Salman Khan

Image result for salman khan 2016

8. Brad Pitt

Related image

9. Hugh Jackman

Image result for Hugh Jackman


10. Billy Unger

Image result for billy unger 2016

Bias list, huh? I don’t know how some of those men made the list, but what about Will Smith, Matthew MaConaughey, Orlando Bloom or even Michael Ealy? I even consider the likes of Hugo Lloris, Lionel Messi, and Sergio Ramos more handsome than some of the men on the Top 10 list.

Image result for hugo lloris

The ruggedly handsome Hugo Lloris

Heck, what is Salman Khan even doing on this list?

All joking aside, I don’t consider this an achievement for anyone to be ranked ‘Most Handsome Face’. Rather, I think it’s a compliment. 😛 Good looks didn’t take Tom Cruise anywhere. It was his acting skills. He doesn’t care how he appears and maybe that is what makes him even more attractive (and the smile. I can’t forget the smile!). Yes, here I go contradicting myself. 🙂

And I think this list goes to show that it is a myth that good looking people cannot act. Tell that to Cruise and Jackman. I still don’t consider Pitt an actor. Roshan is a much better actor than him.



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