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Brave Enough

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NOTE #17

He loved her for everything.

For the secrets she told and the ones she withheld. For the carefree spirit that was rooted in her from an early age. For the good times and bad times. 

This stunning personal revelation had undone him. He’d been in love for a long time now.

With her. 

“You used to tell me things,” she muttered.

He loved her for everything, but he was not brave enough to tell her.


For the #NovemberNotes challenge hosted by Sarah Doughty and RosemaPhoto via Pexels. I have a confession to make.

I haven’t heard most of these songs on the #NovemberNotes list and given that I’ve stopped listening to music I didn’t take the time to Google search any of the songs, I just took the title by the horn for my take.


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