NaNoWriMo: Covers and mood boards

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We’re thirteen days into NaNo. As mentioned in an earlier post, I am keen on working on two stories. Both stories revolve around stalkers and I’m determined to get the best out of my characters. However, due to my job and health, I’ve decided to work mainly on Obsédé. 


I am currently writing this story by hand. It’s been ages since I’ve handwritten a story and it’s coming along really good. This story revolves around two college students who ‘fall in love’ with their professor. It’s actually one of my first thrillers and I am quite proud of where I’ve come.

The NaNo Artisans are brilliant and I must commend them for their work. I’ve requested a mood board for this story and wardenhawke was wonderful in making this for me…


I don’t like the bloody hand, but I love the pictures that was used to create the mood board. As for covers, I normally create a fun cover to go with my story and I ended up making this one:


Lizard is Writing created this masterpiece:



French for obsessed and in French slang it can also mean stalker/maniac and I thought this title was very fitting given that the setting is in France.

I’ve been looking forward to writing this story since the idea entered my mind and refused to leave. Thriller is not my forte so I was kind of nervous putting words on paper at first. Now, I am writing comfortably and I am enjoying my writing. 

This moodboard was created by luminary days:


This moodboard embodies my dark character and his shady intentions. So does this one by Andrew 24:

As for the covers, I did two for fun before I started writing and I kind of love the first one…



Late last week, I opened a message only to see this cover by MistyFalls

I AM IN LOVE! This is the cover that I’ll be using to promote my story in the future. I thank all the wonderful artists over at NaNo for motivating me to write this year.


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