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NaNoWriMo: writing rituals

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This is not only for NaNo, but my writing life.Β 

I have to write around work, church, special events, and my health. I try to write every day, but there are days that I really can’t for I need the rest. I don’t write on Saturdays given that it is my Sabbath and I have to attend church. If something is posted on here during the said day it’s because it was scheduled.Β 

Before I write, I try to read a few short stories (friends’, mine, on the net etc.), read the news via Daily Mail, and browse Twitter. Sometimes I watch a movie clip or two on YouTube, play a game of Criminal Case or Candy Crush Saga which I recently got into (I’m on level seventy-something) and then tuck into the writing. If I’m stuck during writing, I tend to work on a short story. It helps. I don’t watch TV save for Criminal Minds on Wednesdays, a sometimes Bollywood movie on the weekend and/or a football match. According to the material I’m writing, I may put the TV on for background ‘noise’. I write during my lunch hour, while I work at the front desk, while waiting for transport, while traveling, and I mentally write when someone is speaking during meetings. It’s something I cannot help.Β 

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I write at the crack of dawn, the middle of the day, midnight, heck! All odd hours because we have to write while we can. I write the best while in my bed with books scattered here and there.Β 

Concerning my new stories, I am way out of my comfort zone. Suspense and thrillers are not my forte, but I only have one writing life to explore, so might as well. I am being a rebel this NaNo, and although I’ve started slow, I’m enjoying the writing. I hope you’re having a FANTASTIC NaNo!

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8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: writing rituals”

  1. Even though you said it didn’t start out great, it certainly sounds great now! Good luck!!! And that phrase: one writing life, it stuck with me. Looks like I’ll have to write more because the thought of having just one writing life scares me. Thanks for waking me up even though you may have not intended that. Lol.

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    1. Yes, I am enjoying the writing, although I create characters and scenes as I go along. Kind of risky, but it works fine for me. Oh, it certainly wasn’t my intention, but I’m glad it struck something within you. Trust me, it scares me too.

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      1. You wrote that way too? I’ve only started to write like this for a novel that I really want to write but afraid for so I told myself, no one will have to see it. And I agree with you, it totally works, finer than the other times I tried to write my other ideas out, at least for me. 😁

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    2. Yes, and even if it’s only me seeing it, it’s fine by me. You write your best however you feel comfortable. Remember, it’s only your first draft. When you’re editing, you’ll see what doesn’t belong or what’s missing. So it’s fine. You just let the writing do the talking.

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      1. “Just let the writing do the talking.” Brilliant. And I do totally agree, writing is totally different from editing. I learned the hard way that I used to edit as I go which totally stumped my flow.

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