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NaNoWriMo: writing rituals

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This is not only for NaNo, but my writing life.ย 

I have to write around work, church, special events, and my health. I try to write every day, but there are days that I really can’t for I need the rest. I don’t write on Saturdays given that it is my Sabbath and I have to attend church. If something is posted on here during the said day it’s because it was scheduled.ย 

Before I write, I try to read a few short stories (friends’, mine, on the net etc.), read the news via Daily Mail, and browse Twitter. Sometimes I watch a movie clip or two on YouTube, play a game of Criminal Case or Candy Crush Saga which I recently got into (I’m on level seventy-something) and then tuck into the writing. If I’m stuck during writing, I tend to work on a short story. It helps. I don’t watch TV save for Criminal Minds on Wednesdays, a sometimes Bollywood movie on the weekend and/or a football match. According to the material I’m writing, I may put the TV on for background ‘noise’. I write during my lunch hour, while I work at the front desk, while waiting for transport, while traveling, and I mentally write when someone is speaking during meetings. It’s something I cannot help.ย 

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I write at the crack of dawn, the middle of the day, midnight, heck! All odd hours because we have to write while we can. I write the best while in my bed with books scattered here and there.ย 

Concerning my new stories, I am way out of my comfort zone. Suspense and thrillers are not my forte, but I only have one writing life to explore, so might as well. I am being a rebel this NaNo, and although I’ve started slow, I’m enjoying the writing. I hope you’re having a FANTASTIC NaNo!

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