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Welcome, November!

Snow Capped Mountains Under Blue Sky and White Clouds

Last month, I didn’t achieve all of my goals in terms of blogging, but I am happy to report that my health is improving. I also didn’t get to spend a lot of time on some of the blogs that I am following, but I am delighted to have discovered new ones! The fashion challenge was completed although I didn’t get to write much.

Now, here we are.


This month, I plan on doing NaNoWriMo once again although I am not even 65% prepared. I want to take this opportunity to wish every single participant all the best on their writing journey.ย 

Image result for nanowrimo 2016 participant

Also, two talented and lovely ladies are hosting a new challenge. Sarah ofย Heartstring Eulogiesย and Rosemaย atย A Reading Writerย are doing the November Notes challenge. As I’ll be working on two stories for NaNo, I may not be able to complete all, but I’ll sure like to try my hand at a few.


Pic via Rosema

Blessed November to all and remember to…

Clouds, Font, Positive, Motivation, Act, Action, Do:

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