What is a story?

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Hello, fellow NaNoWriMos! Are we ready to begin our writing journey in less than a week?

Before we can begin writing that first novel that has been bugging us for such a long time, we need to understand what a story is.

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I am sure many of us read books, read/watch the news, and view movies, etc., so we have a clear picture of what a story is. A story is supposed to evoke pleasure in readers. Simply put, a good story requires a strong plot, a hero (and/or villain), and a main goal that should be accomplished by the end of the story.

Plot+Hero+Goal= STORY

For example:

We have a hero in Jack Reacher. His goal is to find out who is framing him and eliminate them by the end of the story. The plot revolves around a homicide investigator digging into a case involving a trained military sniper who shot five random victims.

Jack Reacher is after truth and justice. He won’t rest until he gets rid of the bad men.

There’s a movie I liked from the 90s call Misery. Yes, there is a hero, but the villain Annie steals the show big time. Don’t be misled, even villains have goals. This is something we’ll explore in later posts. The plot is built around a famous author named Paul (hero) being rescued from a car crash by his ‘number one fan’ of his books. Things take a horrible turn when he finds himself drugged, crippled and at her mercy. Throughout his captivity and abuse, Paul’s goal is to pursue the crazy woman to let him go even if it means complying and writing the story that she wants.

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It’s one of those rare instances where I shamelessly fell in love with the convincing villain. I am not a Stephen King fan therefore, I cannot comment on his writing style. However, the way he writes and brings this villain to life, one cannot help, but to feel sympathetic towards her.

So to summarize after this sort of lengthy explanation, a story is about a hero who wants to attain/achieve a goal and sets out on a journey to get there (plot). Of course, there’s the awesome plot twist that writers love to throw in because it makes for an entertaining read causing the readers to pause and go, ‘Well, I did not expect that.’ 

And remember, EVERYONE has a story to tell even if they aren’t willing to get theirs out there.

Until next time, happy writing!

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