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My body remembers

My body remembers…

…the feel of yours against it.

The spilled kisses from your full lips

The touch of your silky skin against my fingertips

I don’t know you, but IΒ know you

Let me be yours again

My body remembers.


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Elegant and charming

One of the nicest things someone has ever done for me. Thank you for the kind words Mr. Romanus. πŸ™‚


Today, I had an elegant compliment
From an elegant and charming lady;
Who told me in a most elegant way,
My post had been elegantly done;
I smiled elegantly at that;
And made an elegant stop at her site
To see the elegant lady for myself;
And behold!
What an elegant site I found!
Truly, elegance delivers elegance;
Elegance attracts elegance;
Thank you charming, elegant friend!
I dedicate this post to:

La Petit Muse

Finding inspiration in EVERYTHING!

An elegant blogger .


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True writers can testify to this. Never make excuses when it comes to YOUR writing.

A Reading Writer

Writing starts in your heart, proceeds in your mind and ends in your hands.– rosemawrites

A writer without a laptop
will still be able to write.
As long as there are words
that can either bite or delight.

Whenever, wherever
no one can block.
A heart, mind and hand
with ideas that can’t be stocked.

Because no space is needed
once ideas are seeded.
And no clutter will matter
to a true-blue writer.


Β©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer

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September break

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It’s September already! I thank God greatly for how wonderful August turned out and I hope that this month I can continue to achieve all the things that I’ve set out to do.Β 

I also think it’s time for a little break.

I won’t be doing any challenges, but I will be working on my creative writing. I hope to log on and keep abreast of other blogs, post shorts on Sundays, and a post now and then. I will be busy with classes and this semester is looking like it’s going to be rough in the beginning.

Have a blessed September and remember to…

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