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By the Mighty Mumford

Bless His Holy Name
Go on up to the highest peak,
And the Gospel there speak.
With strength boldly proclaim,
The good news that Christ came.
Fear not; lift up your eyes,
And denounce the world’s lies.
You’re standing on holy sod,
Stand firm on the word of God.
Observe God’s power and might,
He rules over the day and night.
Stand strong and do not give in,
For great is your reward in Him.
Like a shepherd guards his flock,
He is with us around the clock.
He holds us in His loving arms,
Protecting us from all harms.
For all He does for me and you,
Our hearts can see His love is true.
So I will life my voice and proclaim,
Jesus is my Savior! Bless His holy Name.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 31 August 2016

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