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Serial (100 Words)

This is how you write an intriguing mystery! All the elements are there in just 100 words. Amazing write!

The Lonely Author


Serial ย (100 Words)

Detective Jake Monroe examined the bloody crime scene. All the expected signs were there; the slashed throat, the look of terror in her eyes, and missing shoes.

The Riverside Killer struck again.

โ€œNumber five is a blonde?โ€

He turned to look at his partner Max who entered the hotel room.

โ€œDo we know her name?โ€

โ€œLet me see,โ€ Jake scooped up her purse to search for her ID.

โ€œYou must be relieved.โ€

Jake sighed. โ€œWas that necessary?โ€

Max shrugged. โ€œHey, at least this time thereโ€™s no evidence tying her to you.โ€

Opening her purse, Jake found a photo of himself.

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